Monday, May 21, 2018


I absolutely do not want to have anything to do with elites involved in one because:

1) I have self respect

2) I know what genocide is(have proven one via case of my own).

3) Once traitor is always a traitor(these people did nothing but betray - their word is solid less than water). This are nothing but jelly faced hypocrites/liars.

4) Once you(UKRAINE and POLAND) get involved in such plan and participate in Africa/Mideast, you will be seen(once colonization plan is completed and your turn comes) no different from the one who have done evil to the people from those will be happening to you the same(KREMLIN WILL GET YOU) as you have done to others in-front of the eyes of the world and nooobody will care for you even a bit  -   YOU GET IT !!?????

5) Most of elites(not all as some try hard to get ahead in life and be part of societies in a positive way) are just lazy good for nothing opinionated whack-jobs who know price of everything and value of wouldn't find more on their resumes than "play golf - sleep well had chat and tea with this and that chap"...

6) What do I need them for other than to collect what they owe me....

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