Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ironically was my first girlfriend that I dated serioulsy at age 21 a

100% Serbian girl from Ljubljana(daughter of JLA officer). We met via ZPMS(Zveza Prijateljev Mladine Slovenije) where I worked at the time...

I just wonder what we do without our great politicians...what would the world be like...

NOTE TO CHIEF OF POLICE FROM NOVO MESTO(that time still "chief to become" with chief of police in 2004): WHO WAS THE GIRL(SHE WAS A POLICE OFFICER - ALSO EXTREMELY NASTY AND THREATENING) THAT YOU HAVE HER SCREW INFRONT OF ME WITH DELEGATE(black representative who came to see what went on in city of Novo mesto) FROM SOUTH AFRICA IN 2004/2005 AT OTOČEC !!?????

When it comes to neonazi issues, we two will have a lot to talk about(preaching me under MKULTRA what I should be or not while he alone raped state and international laws) !!! People know what went on(others have seen it as well) !!!


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