Sunday, May 27, 2018

And so this news site may end soon folks

Very very soon...perhaps much sooner even than what I would anticipate(I am a very very optimistic individual, but even optimism can be a serious error when dealing with the world of psychiatrists as you see) under worse circumstances. They have progressed and may progress the desired outcome according to their needs. They control timing via use of extreme violence on me.

Very very disappointed with Israel as truly is going according to the scenario of one(bestial Belgrade-Ljubljana-Moscow's scenario).

I was an extremelly healthy individual all my life(had more weight than what I have now and never ever any health problems) examinations from Belarus(not even from year ago) can confirm just that...their violence(FRITZL alike psychology with use of even directed energy weapons while suggesting me being violent) in respect to my case is something that will be remembered on this world long after am gone.

Exactly as I was promised the case would be and exactly as I promise the case will be.

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