Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Russian spy employed in German Hamburg as Ukrainian consul gets booted for posting neonazi propaganda and incitement in Holocaust(he would gas Jews, Russians, Hungarians, Roma and other nations).

And since we are not on the same page, I have to declare for the individual to be nothing more than Russian spy for whom German government is well well acquainted. Berlin and Moscow are in bed with one another(that much in respect to Angela Merkel's "America will no longer protect us because one can't protect us"), so they didn't have any problems pointing me out in Germany few interesting people among whom also was this very individual(he bragged on how he will post this very garbage and embarrass Ukraine with idea of Russian invasion on one)....

Another Russian ambassador(to the Netherlands) Alexander
Vasilievich Shulgin bragged on how he will lead Russian military to South Africa against post Apartheid state and so on(as you know daughter of Putin - Mariya/Maria is dating Dutch gigolo)...Shulgine(just like Vojislav Seselj) totally saw himself as Dutch already and not even Russian(in his head a supremacist and in reality a crazy self destroying tool in hands of the West)...


Ukraine’s consul in Hamburg investigated for xenophobic Facebook posts

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 14 said it had started an investigation into Vasyl Marushchynets, Ukraine’s Consul General in Hamburg, Germany, who allegedly posted derogatory statements about Jews, Russians, Hungarians, Roma and other nations on his Facebook page.

Marushchynets was suspended from his job and could be dismissed if the ministry finds his xenophobic posts are genuine, ministry spokesperson Mariana Betsa told the media on May 14.

“Anti-Semites and those who provoke hatred between nations have no place either in a civilized society or in the (Ukrainian Foreign Ministry),” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin wrote on Twitter on May 13.

“The state secretary of the (Ukrainian Foreign Ministry) has started a disciplinary investigation. We will sort out all the details,” he added.

Though Marushchynets set his Facebook page to be accessible to friends only, the media got access to it and took screenshots of posts that included a call to attack “Zionists,” Russians, and also Polish, Hungarian and Roma people.

The screenshots also include addresses to god to punish Jews and Russians for the Great Famine in Ukraine, denial of the Holocaust, and some remarks praising fascism and Nazism.

“It’s honorable to be a fascist,” Marushchynets appears to have written in one of his posts, according to the screenshots of his Facebook.

Blogger Anatoliy Shariy was the first to bring Marushchynets’ alleged posts to public attention, via a YouTube video published on May 12.

The media and the internet users also shared a photo of a person who looks like Marushynets holding a cake with the words “60 Mein Kampf,” a reference to the book by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

“I doubt that his colleagues didn’t know about his Nazi mindset, so the entire top staff of the Consulate should be fired,” Anton Shekhovtsov, a Ukrainian writer and researcher of the far right movements wrote on Twitter.

Posts on Marushchynets’ Facebook page that are open to the public include derogatory comments about Russians and also some racist remarks, such as the words “a ray of light in a dark kingdom” written under a group photo in which he stands with a group of black people.


From unian.info:

Ukraine suspends consul in Germany for alleged anti-semitic posts – media

The German Foreign Ministry said it had been in touch with its Ukrainian counterpart to express its concern.

A Ukrainian diplomat in Germany has been suspended and could be recalled, Ukraine's foreign ministry said on Monday, following reports the consul had posted anti-Semitic content on social media. 

Screenshots shared online claim to show Vasyl Marushchynets, who works at Ukraine's consulate in Hamburg, blaming Jews for World War II and saying "death to the anti-fascists" on his private Facebook page, Reuters wrote. 

Reuters was not able to verify the images. Marushchynets and the Hamburg consulate did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

"Anti-semitism and those who stir up inter-ethnic discord can have no place either in civilized society or in the foreign ministry," Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on Twitter. 

Asked what action the foreign ministry had taken in response to the reports about Marushchynets, ministry spokeswoman Mariana Betsa said a consul had been suspended. 

"The question of recalling him is being considered," she said by telephone without referring to anyone by name. 

The German Foreign Ministry said it had been in touch with its Ukrainian counterpart to express its concern. 

"We are looking at the anti-Semitic statements of the Ukrainian consul with concern. Such statements are totally unacceptable. We have clearly communicated this to the Ukrainian side," a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement. 

"It's good that Ukrainian foreign minister Klimkin made it clear that anti-Semitism has no place at the Ukrainian Foreign ministry and that he will initiate proceedings." 

The episode is potentially embarrassing for the Ukrainian authorities, who are keen to counter allegations by the Kremlin and Russian media that far-right and extreme nationalist attitudes are prevalent in Ukraine.

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