Friday, July 7, 2017

ZIOFASCIST elites' private lunacy hunger games map disclosed(designed by grand ZIOFASCIST Führer Benjamin Netanjahu)...

Its a fact that we are dealing with lunatics and more than anything a phenomena called ZIOFASCISM !!! 

You will now understand why and how routes via MKULTRA were designed...before you skip down bellow please ask 
yourself if you can possibly imagine what it means to be unemployed for 11 years(have 30.000 job applications rejected on two continents, no right to lodging other than in hostels - sometimes even cars on streets on subways, eating cans), thrown in mental wards where tortured to death, and persecuted like this, so ZIOFASCIST maniacs could gain a full recognition for their murderous state of Israel as honorable members in League of the White Nations !!????

Lets see what ZIOFASCIST Hitler Netanjahu have designed to obtain from me at least some form of sympathy for crimes committed against white humanity.....

1) Or you leave or you are against hospitalized(dead) - February 14th, 2017 in Novo mesto....

4) BIALA PODLASKA(this is where I have made reservation for the night after going 4 days straight without sleep, but have checked out same night after I have found myself in same room as previously tortured via MKULTRA - I do know this little town very well...I am referring to the old Jewish section of the town where brought to rest by Mossad, "you need to rest yourself sir, and I know a very nice hotel room for you" ...I was stalked 24/7 by clouds of Mossad throughout my trip as described and it was with full approval of European Union governments).... OR OR

9) LIOZNA - THIS PLACE SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AS BRAINWASHED UNDER MKULTRA, BUT NEVER  EVER WILL(its illegal route to Russia that was highly encouraged under MKULTRA, however, via what used to be again town heavily populated with Jews)... OR OR

I didn't get back my passports(American and EU) today...was told to come back on Monday instead...also interesting...I have just learned from Russian immigrant here in this very center that he have to have his Russian complain translated to English, so main United Nations office where Frenchman Jean Yves Bouchardy works(in Minsk) can consider just saying this because I was told to have one translated  instead from English to Russian about month makes sense no !!?????

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