Thursday, July 13, 2017

Belarus Immigration violated my rights yesterday severely

Took me from Polish/Belarus border to the town near border and demanded forcefully for me to enter police station where I would purchase tourist visa for 130 Rubles(I was afraid to enter one because of what  I have experienced at the border)...Immigration officer(border officer) who brought me to police station(20 minutes from border) have grabbed me for my hands - disallowing me freedom of movement to town on territory of Belarus...this is a NO NO and a very serious violation Mr. Lukashenko !!!

You can't forcefully demand money from people like this !!! Police
lady, however, was nice(she insisted on my buying visa from her at
the police station, but didn't commit any offenses)...while immigration officer demanded for me to go inside of the police station(when he grabbed me for my hand, I have suggested him to freely call police officers for help if this is how he feels I should be treated as, but that I will not go inside of police station on my own), police officer lady let me stay outside(took my passports inside of the police station to register me arrival there)...

Why have I refused to go inside the police station !!??? Because >>potentially<< it could be my word(I am nobody and nothing as you see) against theirs !!! Border(Emigration authorities) may be regulated very very differently from local police...I have noticed body cams on border officers and those tried desperately to obtain from me verbal response/confirmation that I was at fold when on border crossing...they tried to obtain from me verbal response/confirmation that I have signed in Vitebsk paper where it states that I was informed how I have to pay 130 rubles for tourist visa...they didn't care about my demanding attorney/lawyer or anything like that...I cite them, "if you want lawyer, you have to pay for one"...on public street in front of tiny police station was just okay with me in this case(this is why)....

Border officer than took me to local bus station where he demanded from me to purchase bus ticket for Grodno(he stood right there in bus station's waiting room and insisted on my buying next ticket to Grodno) violation after another...

Lukashenko himself was a border officer and I wonder what his connections are to Grodno area...we will get to the bottom of this now !!!

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