Wednesday, July 12, 2017

There was no bus(Vitebsk - Minsk) for me available yesterday and they even tried to postpone my departure from Grodno to Warsaw for 10 hours

Netanjahu believes that he authority over white US and EU citizens per when those will be allowed to enter and exit their countries...I wish that stated above was a lie, but is on my appointment and pleasure all AUDIO RECORDED !!! AGAIN !!!

Vitebsk = population 340.000
Minsk = population 2100000

And no bus available for me after 1630 hours !!??? They insisted on my going with minibus, but minibus is a very very unsafe way to travel under my circumstances.

In Grodno, ticket sales lady used excuse for refusing me to board bus at 1300 hours my not having Belarus ID any longer(my US and EU passports didn't matter to her till I
asked her who want me to board bus 10 hours latter)...

All of the above is audio recorded...

No bus or train was available between Vawkavysk and Bialystok for today's date...there is just so much going on folks and will have to investigated before I publish(above will be published for sure, but rest have to be thoroughly investigated before Ii click that "publish" button - I only publish indisputable proofs)...going without sleep 30 hours straight...

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