Thursday, July 6, 2017

I bought poisonous cake yesterday

It is very easy to plant me garbage because I have to walk to get to any location and so it was no different yesterday when I went in the store in evening hours(after 8pm). Store near bye was locked already and when I asked sales lady in street of Maxima Gorkoga if biscuits are fresh, she assured me they are(had another food poisoning few days earlier, but that was just due to old cake)...
Diarrhea followed on me again(it must been old) at night, muscles
have this time become partially paralyzed and painful and head felt just as if one will explode(pain)...just as if it was the combination of psychotropic drugs(have exact same effect on neuro system) and old flour....its a bit better now(almost after 24 hours), but it still hurts...even walk this morning didn't help much...don't feel good at all...

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