Saturday, July 8, 2017

None of their insane scenarios is acceptable to me...remote Russian village or Israeli gulag..

If you hear shooting, just drop yourself on the ground...we have people like you who live here and there...we saved many like you(I cite garbage, "its because nobody gives you refuge in world as you see...and so we will save you" <== its not them who have ruined and are ruining my life, its them who are about to save me from me as you see)...

Well, my answer to you is "F*** YOU" !!! I have built my reputation on hard-work and honesty and am NOT about to give one away as a gift to anyone !!! Heading back to Slovenia on Monday. Not Russia where ZIOFASCIST
Donald J. Kushner will arrive with his big Air Force One plane !!!

Will let villages to villagers(won't be used as a boogeyman in the closet of the lunatic to scare off other lunatics or to help him with corruption) and remain in politics as long as I live...

Too bad Melania is from same town Novo mesto(ZIOFASCIST Kushner have already invited himself there as well - off course), and that Slovenian government was/is so criminally insane...I will die just as God have destined me to be(like a free man) when brought to the world !!!

Next movie(today) on all the residents who are "leaving"(preparing all kinds of possible scenarios which, however, are all the same = wherever I disappear, I will only disappear and that is a fact that all sides want) simultaneously with me...its about how Belarus government is just creating all kinds of lies to keep them around and in readiness etc...voice recordings again and more...

They are 20 and we are many, but just look what they are doing to us We are dealing with sicker than sick sickos folks...that I can assure you off !!!

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