Sunday, July 23, 2017

Stuck in insane Warsaw bus station

Am not allowed to use Slovenian debit card(they require verification for each transaction via telephone that is based in Slovenia - totally impossible), bus counters for international transit was closed for the day upon my arrival at about 5pm(can you imagine to have no ability to buy bus ticket even with cash in main bus station in city of almost two million !!!???), Polish government trying to charge me for rail ticket over three times more than what bus ticket costs and bus drivers are trying to
charge me double on the perrons because I can't make reservation via online... its 2330 here in Warsaw is safe to conclude that I am dealing with lunatics....with sadistic maniacs....

I don't know how to purchase the ticket with money in my hands...I barely have enough for online bus ticket, but no debit card that I can use...perhaps store that opens tomorrow sells me one...I have no clue - going straight without sleep again for over 44 hours(the worst is yet to come)....

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