Sunday, July 9, 2017

Belarus state should be blacklisted for cooperation with Israeli terrorism against white American and EU citizens

In store(just 100/150 meters) from this United Nations' kill station(so called "immigration center"), Mossad employed mulatto girl whose boyfriend is a Belarus Jew according to her just now(saw her with Mossad terrorist the other day and memory on MKULTRA ringed immediately, so I asked her few questions which she didn't mind answering, but did lied a little - all audio recorded)...

Fact is that individual alone was involved in my abduction to Israel from this very location, his English skills are
excellent(he rather reminds on Jew from UK), and according to his own words he spends most of the time in Israel(visits Belarus during summers only to visit her).

Seems like they occupied entire area here for their ZIOFASCIST terrorism purposes. And Lukashenko who is known as anti-Semite and last communist dictator in Europe(he is none of the two, I can assure you of that...if he only could, he would have sold Belarus to ZIOFASCIST NATO within less than a minute - have two hours long documentary coming today on Belarus), seems to like it that way....

I advise white European and American tourists to avoid Belarus at all costs if they care about safety and for government agencies to place one on the list of countries that support terrorism.

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