Monday, July 10, 2017

1 of 2 Political analyses of Belarus and 2017's Lukashenko Putin meeting in Moscow

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To Belarus with love and from Belarus with love....was promised all kinds(bad bad scary as shit - I got my passports back today and so for this I was promised that all kinds of bau bau will take place - incl. trip to Poroshenko) of scenarios for releasing what you see here, but one thing is fact...this is Belarus and KGB is here(not only you Lukashenko, but KGB and they see it PEOPLE'S way !!!)....

In next video, I will be talking to you about environment(corruption) I was exposed and how they wanted me to see things as...THEY HAVE DONE AND ARE DOING ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO TAKE DOWN BELARUS AND WITH BELARUS A RUSSIAN FLAG A AS WELL !!!

Bye the way(again all audio recorded - will be seen in next video)...Nice Indian students which I have met and conversed with in Vitebsk, have mentioned me that they study here because it is cheaper than in India and because they weren't capable to get in universities in India due to low school grades...

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