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Media likes to talk about "Yazidi" slave women, but nothing about really white women...our women that are enslaved today in ZIOFASCIST state of Israel !!! Used(abused), jailed after quality expiration, and kick back home to spend the rest of their miserable lives in solitude...

I have met "Yazidi" women personally and none of them appeared to me to be white white(typical Arabs). Rothschilds' controlled ZIOFASCIST media, however, doesn't mention anything about real sexual slavery that is taking place today...every day in fact since the beginning of the new Israel !!!

Here are facts that will blow your mind about women's status in Israel - modern slavery in Israel revealed in photos !!! What you see here are facts !!!

Why are they silent about this if not because of personal criminality they are involved in !!????? Israel is nothing but huge Israel selected(hand picked) European politicians come to Israel for this !!! Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Baltic, and other women for sale...and so everybody is talking about Muslims(even those if imported
in our countries, arrive here thanks to this) and nobody about what you see here !!????


This is the more dangerous aspects of oneself takes a look at the rich and powerful men than women are. Centers where the harem and the current form of corruption.

Israel has inflicted violence on women is not common anywhere. Work has come to a place where human rights violations, Israeli women have become routine. In May 2000, Amnesty International issued a startling report that Israel's sake, look no Tvjhanh strongly condemned the sexual slavery.

Respect and protect women's rights and her status as one of the two species should always be considered. It is crucial that the physical weakness of women than men due to their continued oppression by men throughout history have been.

Some men and women than ever regardless of the status of women's rights she only had to look at the instrument. These men and women look at sex as a commodity to think that women just to satisfy their animal senses have been created.

For less than $11.000, you can buy Moldovan 23 years old girl...57kg, etc...could easily be Russian, Romanian, Belarus, or Ukrainian(where Waltsman - now known under name Poroshenko - is president - read HERE and HERE) etc...

 This is the more dangerous aspects of oneself takes a look at the rich and powerful men than women are. Centers where the harem and the current form of corruption.

When you look at a woman as a commodity, and to allow oneself the power and wealth of their fellow man, and he was dealing with such a car, and without undue benefit purposes are, and this is what In the past it was referred to as slavery. Traditionally, those who were defeated in battle or weaker than the others, were taken as slaves and were quite formal and regular market.

However, this phenomenon appears to be non-human life for centuries, but in modern society is changing and the new package, capitalism does not validate the authenticity of the profit and pleasure, it has been revived! Israeli regime is well known that an extract of the West is also necessary. Modern slavery is not necessary to find the hidden dimensions of Israel-depth look at classes, we can also inhumane phenomenon and I can see it easily on the streets of Tel Aviv.

That violence against women in this country are not to be used anywhere in the world. Work has come to a place where human rights violations, Israeli women have become routine. In May 2000, Amnesty International issued a startling report that Israel's sake, look no Tvjhanh strongly condemned the sexual slavery. After the publication of this report has been formed as a result of the explosion in the Israeli parliament was forced to end the trafficking of women and deems it a crime to a maximum of 16 years in prison.

But the story of this new law to become. At that point, members of the House of Israel Svld Maureen Keane said: "Nobody wants (in Israel) makes this topic. It is most convenient not just pretend that these women have been trafficked migrants and not the tribe of Israel. "

CNN recently released film also discloses that: "In the streets of Tel Aviv, next to food and clothing stores and hair salons, department stores also sell women into slavery there. There are women in the windows of the store price sticker on their hands and installed in addition to age, height, weight and country of birth are listed "he says.

CNN stating that 300 km border with Egypt Israel's most important trade route is the Women of Israel said in addition to the rape of women and violence, abuse and brutality are placed. The American news network with implicit reference to the statistical terrible savagery of Israel said that some of these women, 365 days a year are raped often more than 15 times. However, the news network reported that the general tone of the crime itself has admitted that Israel should immediately and prior to the issue of human rights organizations focusing on the issue of women in supermarkets to stop selling. Despite a report revealing that the Western countries are the defenders of women's rights do not take any measures to prevent such crimes.

The modern slave trade: a showcase store in the mall "Dizin Gvf" in Tel Aviv

Looking at the statistics of sexual slavery in Israel
In a report published in 2003 by the Institute for the Hotline for Migrant Workers and the media censorship that prevailed in Israel recently did the other day, the members of the prostitutes Israeli police say a Pro customers are tablets have. The Israeli police and take advantage of this network is not in doubt.

Amnesty International's 2005 report first to the inhuman discrimination against women in Israel and around the world to honor the humanity of the human tragedy that occurred in Israeli society to expose.

Five years have passed since that report and the other report, Amnesty International has stated that the Israeli government has not done anything to solve the human story of the human tragedy of the government is the honor women continue.

The procedure to be indebted to them first and then take their passports and then they have to be taken for life. So far it has been said, find some parts of International Zionism, modern slavery, honor, humanity. But this story has a secret process that has been said about that little, if not nothing is said of the government of Israel and the event from the profit Sexual slavery.

According to the report, the Committee of the Association of Human Rights has published research on the trafficking of women in Israel's Knesset, 3 to 5 Every year thousands of women are brought to Israel tens of thousands of women Currently dakhme of sex in the Israel in sale. But it is interesting that these statistics are not high, not low. These statistics are the tens of thousands and is stable.
In other words, for every hundred men of Israel, a sex slave, but they are constantly changing. No doubt the intelligence of the system and the book is working to maintain the number of women each year should be changed as 30 to 50 percent of them.

The modern slave trade: a showcase store in the mall "Dizin Gvf" in Tel Aviv

According to another by Israeli researcher, Michael Specter has been revealed, in Israel one day about twenty-five thousand women raped in underground brothels miserable occur.

The same investigator with the same subject in an article writes that other brothels in Israel would come out of the ground state so that other brothels by the men of Israel is not difficult. Trapykana Quarter (Tropicana) in the center of Tel Aviv is one of the places on earth that have come into his crib and introduce manual and CD prostitute their good offices to San bored Israeli troops and members of customs, especially among men The police is hand in hand.

Jacob Golan, one of the owners of brothels where prostitution is just the same neighborhood Trapykana the two institutions to Specter has said that Israelis love Russian girls, so we're Russian women of the neighborhood with.

Pathologic causes of the sex trade in Israel:
What is really the role of government in Israel's sex trade? Why international institutions have remained silent in the face of such a blatant event? Just because a law passed in 2000 to pursue such issues in the Knesset, the pursuit of criminals subject to a victim's testimony is not wise, but that does not usually like this testimonies of the victims whose keep away dignities remaining said.
According to Amnesty International, at least a billion dollars a year to Israel for sexual slavery for trafficking cartels has.

However, the book never heavenly sex trade and slavery have not accepted it but the Talmud - Jewish religious books - they have learned to "non-Jewish Jew has the right to usurp women steal and commit adultery with them, and criminal punishment have ".

They have learned to "honor non violence does not stop, because the infidels, such as animals and animals are not married" to judges and judicial officers are taught that "every Jew and Gentile have a complaint, you will be entitled to the Jewish What is void. ».

They are taught that the State is permitted to lie to non-Jews are permitted to eat and swear falsely, and the Israeli Foreign Ministry revealing any report about the sex trade in Israel is denying the lap leaders of the regime.

The modern slave trade: a showcase store in the mall "Dizin Gvf" in Tel Aviv

Amnesty International's report states: "Most young women have come to Israel from foreign, have become a commodity and the payment of several thousand dollars to be transferred to another person and can be traded. Those who These women have bought, they work like a slave to compel obscene amount of money that they have to get back to the fall. these women are trapped in apartments and passports and tickets journey by the person who bought them, be confiscated. many of these individuals are the types of violence., however, that "government of the people of Israel never to violate human rights in horrible shape, The judicial system does not introduce any penalty for these individuals will not be considered.

The dignity of women in Israel, Israel and America who constantly pushing the tail of human rights protection.

Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian !!???? All available in  Israel...criminal EuroAmerican apparatchiks make all this possible for you in Israel !!! 

And the American fable(from country with so many human rights laws/organisations and its people who have less dignity than any other nation in the world = self enslaved United States of America) - from

WATCH: Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump unveil annual human trafficking report...does Mrs. Kushner knows about human trafficking in her husband's country !!???? She does, but its inconvenient to talk about...fables sell better to naive American public !!!

Self enslaved Americans send tens of billions of Dollars per year to ZIOFASCIST Israeli state !!! Weapons, free health care, name it...

WASHINGTON — The United States asserted Tuesday that Myanmar is no longer one of the world’s worst offenders on human trafficking, while removing both Myanmar and Iraq from a list of countries that use child soldiers.

In its annual report on human trafficking, the State Department also demoted China to the lowest ranking over its trafficking record, putting it in the same category as North Korea, Zimbabwe and Syria. Afghanistan was recognized for taking steps to curb trafficking, while Iraq was seen as making insufficient progress on that issue.

Ivanka Trump, the senior White House adviser and daughter of President Donald Trump, said ending human trafficking was in both the moral and strategic interests of the U.S., describing the effort as a “major foreign policy priority” for the administration:

“As a mother, this is much more than a policy priority,” she said at a ceremony to unveil the report. “It is a clarion call into action in defense of the vulnerable and the exploited.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the roughly 20 million victims of human trafficking globally illustrate how much more work must be done.

“Regrettably, our challenge is enormous,” Tillerson said. “Human trafficking is becoming more nuanced and more difficult to identify. Much of these activities are going underground, and they’re going online.”

Also known as Burma, Myanmar was promoted for its efforts against recruitment of child soldiers and its first prosecution of government officials under a human trafficking law. The Southeast Asia nation had been demoted to the lowest tier last year, shortly after it shifted to civilian government, ending decades of oppressive military rule.

Myanmar’s elevation is a boost for Aung San Suu Kyi’s administration, which is facing growing criticism from human rights groups. The political transition in the Southeast Asian country has been a bumpy one as it wrestles with ethnic conflict and deep-seated discrimination against its minority Rohingya Muslims.

The demotion of China was a particular surprise this year, marking the first major, public rebuke of China’s human rights record by the Trump administration, which has generally avoided direct, public criticism of Beijing and other majors on rights issues. The Trump administration has been seeking China’s help to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear program, and Tillerson said Tuesday that China’s failure to crack down on forced labor from North Korea was among the reasons it was downgraded.

In the report, the U.S. said that not only was China not meeting minimum standards to stop trafficking, it also was “not making significant efforts to do so.” The report also said there were indications that China’s government was still complicit in forced labor, including in some drug rehabilitation centers. The U.S. said China’s efforts to prosecute traffickers had also fallen.

Myanmar and Iraq were also taken off the blacklist of foreign governments identified of having child soldiers, a move that Human Rights Watch said was premature in the case of Myanmar and undermines U.S. credibility in ending the use of children in warfare. The group said the U.N. has documented child recruitment by Myanmar’s armed forces in 2016.

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