Sunday, July 2, 2017

First THEY compelled America to invest in third world(Europe have to compete or become irrelevant), then THEY.....

Imported such merchandise back to America(and export one worldwide) while taxing American people to death(milking blood from Americans with taxation parallel to violent rehabilitation via forced joblessness and all kinds of inhumane tactics that can be employed to dehumanize population while preaching us about "human rights" and tolerance) and now, they are trying to make us complete strangers in our white homelands and even decide about our fate after everything they have done to us !!! WHO !!????
Who else than you !!!

There is a huge difference between tourists and terrorists that are wondering our countries these days...No they are not dangerous, they are DEADLY !!! They even kill American presidents and crash world towers(unbelievable and
same as those who stalked me across the Europe for over four and half months) and manage to get away with it more than just murder !!!

Remember what USSR used to do to prevent such "tourists" from what those are performing on us these days !!????

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