Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Leaving Belarus(Vitebsk) right now to get back to Slovenia....

Good bye Vitebsk, and thank you for everything. I have had great time here despite everything(what a beautiful people and nature - I just love Belarus)...change was great and they(Ziofascist criminals) suffered as many losses as they possibly could. I took from them absolutely everything they have had in moral sense(none of their bullets went into waste as far as am concerned - they got them all back)

They have promised me(they talked to themselves really) all kinds of kidnapping scenarios for my return route, Brest area(only 40 kilometers from Ukraine), would serve criminals according to MKULTRA scenario as opportunity for temporary visitation to Poroshenko and if things wouldn't worked out somehow according to their criminal demands, a transfer to Israel would follow. 

Again thank you <3 people of Belarus....

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