Thursday, November 2, 2017

Zhirinovsky nothing more than raving lunatic - classic case of incompetent NEONAZI !!!

Give him Russian passport and let him lose across the border...they need "Aryans" like him for human experimentation(this little ignorant sadistic NAZI thug didn't go through anything in his life, so he can wave his hands and badmouth about Slavic history in Kremlin).

Beside wawing his hands, the whole thing is a diarrhea of lies...USSR did have a pact with Hitler you incompetent idiot - it was called Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact(was used to dirten USSR and it ended with yet another German assault on Russia that cost Poles and Russians no less than 33 million lives) !!!

Looks like Kremlin is loaded with traitors...loaded beyond believable....Stalin was bad because he didn't give thugs like this what Russians call now "odpustek"(forgiveness for crimes). The only crime Stalin committed is today's existence of Slavic people and they are gonna charge him even for this as you see(in Kremlin)....

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