Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Update: Have just changed location and will begun to post again tomorrow.

Have lost countless hours due to internet issues. Three routers which I have bought, are no longer functional( the third router bought in January, lasted me 5 months). Robber covers for screws are even missing from the back of the newest router because someone did a very very poor job at whatever he was trying to accomplish(am not allowed to even change password on the only router that physically still functions)...there is a bunch of other issues that I faced as well - within last few days, my head felt very strange when writing - at one point(the day before yesterday), I could feel something very powerful blurring my eyesight for few seconds and I got heated(as if something caused some sort of reaction inside of my brain)...My mom complained a lot because of headaches and so did my father(I have almost never ever had any in my lifetime) - this prompted me to disconnected WI/FI as a result and change location(bought some furniture today and moved to a lower area of the house). All good...

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