Monday, November 13, 2017

Western divide and conquer games, cost us Slavs unprecedented amounts of money and more than anything an existence ...

Since the fall of USSR/Yugoslavia etc., things only got even worse...Germans are buying produce(agrary products) from Eastern Europe(Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria etc.) and are reselling them dearly($$$$) to Russia...America does same with Russian oil and in city of Novo mesto(just as an example as there are numerous other cases like the one here), our beautiful river gets polluted so less than 2200 workers gets to waste their time in local French car factory for almost minimum pay(not that anything is wrong with people who have and are performing better than in most of other European car manufacturing facilities, its just that Kremlin's politic goes beyond retardation - produce record number of vehicles for almost record low pay and are again resold to EU for great $$$$$$)
Add to that also tens of millions of Euros in state subventions(our tax money) to French factory for one to even operate and you have final, this isn't bad...this is actually incredible and there is only one word for it all = SABOTAGE !!!

Investing money in bridge between Japan and Sakhalin islands instead of building own car industry(we have the knowledge - smart/well educated and hardworking people, we
have technology on the same level as Japan or Germany - what China can give us besides market and other unlimited potential and we instead insist on wasting one on garbage projects like this) !!??? Isn't perhaps technology challenge - the strong industry as a backbone of society the one that forms future/potential in nation !!???? According to Kremlin is better to have unemployed at home and be slaves(obviously we Slavs truly are) for the West...

I am just angered by the fact that country twice as big as USA can't perform anywhere near....India and China are on our side....South America needs leadership...enormous markets/ much more we could do and so much more we need and its almost nothing that is being done....we have people in Kremlin, in fact, who want to give everything away and join to this...



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