Monday, November 27, 2017

Here is what documentary is all about(videos released partially already tonight)....

What psychiatrists and governments have used all along to destroy me and was even accused are audio recordings that governments want me to finally release with the idea to damage me even more. Slovenia is up for sale according to some, but I don't agree with them. Russian plane Tu-154 plane crash is explained(Russian military plane carrying 92 musicians was shot down by US military in 2016), and so is typhoon Hato that occurred in China(British MI5/MI6 have maliciously suggested me one far in advance with the idea to militarily assault and destroy China). The plane was shot down in Dec. in 2016 and typhoon roamed across the China on Aug. 2017. We were faced with war before one was even declared.

Italians and British(together with Germans - Theresa May/Berlusconi/Renzi) have in Miami life threatened me if not lobbying for Italian takeover(occupation) of Slovenia at state employment agency in 2003/2004/2005/2006 on behalf of George W. was/is assault on US democracy as I am/was American citizen, as well as assault on foreign sovereignty as I am/was also Slovenian citizen. War declaration on Russia and China.

Above mentioned audio recordings are related to abuse issues which I have endured from parents till I left to USA in 1995 - all of which Slovenian and foreign governments have well known for, but have instead used them to deliberately hurt even more(give psychiatrists/courts/police/state  the opportunity to accuse me of what parents have done to me ongoingly throughout the past and to torment me further with almost identical issues once MKULTRA ended in 2006...have gone as far as accsuing me to kill/murder people... accused me to represent danger to others and myself...accused me to cause enormous financial damage to others - all without proofs and without any police citations/summmons/interrogations). What they were doing all along to me is what I was accused off. Slovenian traitors have attempted to use my case to misrepresent one to the world Slovenia as the case of failed state(judicial/justice system) - communism, but in fact is a neonazi betrayal(Slovenian court apparatchiks that blocked my case, cops, and politicians were/are nothing more than Italian/German fascist/neonazi collaborators) for fascism is what it is !!!

Buckingham palace threatened to use news like this as an immediate assault instrument(excuse - open war declaration) on Russia/China....

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