Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Slovenian SS Grand-fuhrer Borut Pahor to wipe Slavic Slovenian nation off map for good - slowly but surely truth begun to leak out on who is/was who...

I have reported that his mamma was in a NAZI concentration camp during WWII, however, I have also reported that his actions were bizarre against me from very beginning of my ordeal as he was one of the first to get involved in my MKULTRA case - way before other prominent Slovenian people have found out about one and have insisted on merciless torture(have lied to other parties from Slovenia and Russia and whole thing have had turned as a result into greater and greater anger from my side toward all of them - I have eventually turned myself even into NEONAZI robot just the way AmeroGermans wanted). Strangely I have observed this very individual under MKULTRA to: 1) enjoy torture, 2) to be very very corrupt as he knew all about what American NEONAZIS have done to me, but wouldn't stop torture which meant continuation of John McCain's creation of irrational hatred in me against Slavic people and 3) to cut all sorts of back deal$$$ with variety of politicians that were and are on world's stage which resulted as a result in most severe torture case in the history of human kind...without any doubts, this individual is a beast in human body !!!

US Government have used Kent M. Wiedemann to excite/incite Borut Pahor in further NEONAZISM involvement - they kept insisting(convincing) him on how he is part of Aryan race and should cooperate with them...

NAZI Americans alone were shocked in respect to his criminal(inhumane) conduct which was/is simply sick/corrupt attitude to which we can witness even under this very article....biggest traitor/bigot/liar that world have ever seen - I have nothing but disgust for this NEONAZI collaborator who wanted/insisted and insists(articles like this are used to boost confidence in other European politicians willing to step forward in defense of NEONAZISM - Borut Pahot stood up in support of NEONAZIM in crucial moment) on recreation of NEONAZISM in Europe today.

When tortured under MKULTRA, I have heard him converse with other politicians on how he will or should see things as - pursue them as and as he laughed at me, his attitude/answers clearly suggested that he wants to keep his life foremost easy/comfortable/enjoyable and luxurious("will go with a flow" of other politicians was frequent answer, however, fact is that other politicians couldn't continue with NEONAZI agenda without his deadly solidarity against me today - so he is much much more than just "flow"...he is one of the crucial engines in what is taking place today all over the world)...from his actions in politics same is evident - he lives a life of playboy who never ever takes strong personal stand against powerful criminals and even releases them when exposed to slightest criticism(Borut Pahor lives comfortably in fear for his life, loves attention and luxury, and his presidential job is his last concern)...

Slovenian president Borut Pahor suggests in this article that Federal Europe could be a solution for Catalonia(well, isn't this what Juncker/Merkel and all other demand !!??? Pahor suggests basically even for Spain to give their national identity away and just disappear in social engineering cattle). Ge goes on to suggest I cite, "Tudi Slovenci si ne želimo, da bi se s poglobitvijo EU stalili z drugimi,"("We Slovenians also want to melt out totally to with other nations from EU,") <== DEATH VIA SOCIAL ENGINEERING(FORCED UNEMPLOYMENT AND MILLION OTHER ISSUES...WE HAVEN'T LOST WWII, BUT WILL LOSE ONE BECAUSE OF THIS INDIVIDUAL...WE DON'T OWE ANYTHING TO ANYONE - NOT EVEN A SINGLE APOLOGY AS ITALIANS, HUNGARIANS, AND GERMANS/AUSTRIA DO, BUT WILL LOSE EVERYTHING WE HAVE BECAUSE HE IS FORCING US INTO SELF DESTRUCTION).

So he who loves Slovenian people so much and is a proud Slav and have had even represented himself as communist(this is whom he lobbied and have climbed to Putin in buttocks) is now suggesting that we should just disappear in German social engineering's melting pot....he never ever expressed support to melt instead with Russians or to counter Russian sanctions in the face of EU what most of Slovenian populations wants, but is very very supportive of what you see here(well and unfortunately, Putin alone is bisexual/confused on issues mentioned here)

Pahor is about to re-elect himself on 13th of this month after only 43% of the registered voters appeared at the voting poles...

Pahor: Federal Europe could be a solution for Catalonia

"A federal Europe with a new constitution could in the future be the answer to the fact that Catalonia could have far more autonomy and that Spain would not oppose option as the two would live in peace  together with its national identities like everyone else does" President of the Republic Borut Pahor stated in a conversation...

The rest is translated via google translated due to lack of time(I have exposed crucial words/meaning of/in the article and rest is just blah blah)...

He expressed the hope that the Catalan crisis would be solved peacefully and in dialogue.

Pahor concludes that many Slovenians look with interest and support to the efforts of the Catalan nation for independence, but pointed out some differences between the Slovene and Catalonian experiences, both from the legal and formal point of view.

The legal and formal aspect is the fact that Slovenians had a right to self-determination in the constitution, while in Spain Catalonia and other provinces do not have that, Pahor recalled. Given that, under international law, every nation has the right to self-determination, it also sees an even more important political aspect: "this is a deep division of the Catalonian nation towards an independent Catalonia", which, in his words, "is completely different from the experience it had Slovenes in the beginning of the 1990s, when they were able to unite and precisely because of it, they got to their own country. "

He also noted that other countries of Slovenia did not recognize immediately after the plebiscite, either immediately after the proclamation of the Slovenian state or after the expiration of the Brioni Declaration. "They recognized Slovenia when we had effective authority in our territory. Catalonia is very far from that," said the president of the republic.

He also considered that the EU framework ensured peace of mind in the processes of national empa- cipation, especially in Western Europe, which is lagging behind the East for national emancipation, which carried out this process in the 1990s along with the process of democratization. According to Pahor, the EU provides an outer framework, that is, the EU as a common homeland, and within this, greater autonomy, sovereignty, which enables them to exercise their national identity in the future. And in this sense, Pahor believes that the EU must be prepared for some of the challenges that, according to him, are not "because these processes will not be limited to Catalonia, Scotland and northern Italy".

"We Slovenians also want to melt out totally to with other nations from EU," Pahor recalled, adding that these challenges are still ahead of the EU, where the principle of sovereignty of states is still dominant over the concept of a joint federal, federal Europe.

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