Saturday, November 11, 2017

What India and others need understand....

Found this news and will only remind of The Imperialist policy of Divide and Conquer

The British Empire adopted the age-old political strategy of divide and conquer throughout their colonization of India. The occupiers used the strategy to turn locals against each other to help them rule the region. Whenever the British felt threatened by Indian nationalism and saw it growing, they divided the Indian people along religious lines.

In 1905, Viceroy of India Lord Curzon partitioned Bengal dividing the largely Muslim-dominated eastern section from the Hindu dominated western part. But the strategy didn't last long as Bengal was reunited in 1911. After oppressing India for 200 years, draining its wealth and filling their own coffers, the U.K. ripped the Indian subcontinent into pieces just before they finally left. The partition of 1947 that came along with India’s independence left nearly one million dead and 13 million displaced. Billions of dollars were lost in property left behind.

Lets reconsider above story about India reportedly allowing US Navy to visit Russian submarine ....this is the politic of total retardation on Indian behalf toward Russia and more than anything a betrayal of Indian people of whom over 4 million were starved to death just 74 years ago(in a single year between 1943 and 1944) through The Bengal famine — also referred to as the man-made famine......

Americans got both in this case...Russian technology for free and and divide and conquer game as this information was later on passed onto their Russian colleagues under the pretense that it is for friendly relations between US and Russia...and such game goes on and on and hurts everybody in the process...not that Indian counterparts wouldn't know about it - exactly the opposite, they lied to domestic population/politicians that they obtained "discount" this way...

What now...
Russia should downgrade hi-tech weaponry trade with India till India proves that people who gave out the information on Russian technology to most genocidal system in the world, are served with justice - court subpoenas(US is nothing more than expanded British imperialism that constantly threatens to everything that is non "Aryan"...not Indo-Aryan, but instead Nordic Aryan...Indo-Aryans lives count to Nordic Aryans as much as distance tests during Bihar famine in 1873 or dogs...nothing more than that)...Those who play divide and conquer games should also be charged extra to compensate for losses...

Other countries should also consider news like this as is more than just(if not enough) betrayal of Russia and of Indian people...affairs like this, do us no good...India should prove its trustworthiness to Russian partner as nothing in this world is as precious as freedom.

Its exactly the case like the one here(what AmeroGerman NEONAZIS in Miami have done to me, created double life via extreme torture and abuse...insult my haritage/race/religion/ethnicity to obtain desired racist response and create double life - on of racist individual under MKULTRA and another one of normal individual as they were not capable to drive me insane totally till they have placed me on total unemployment that lasted and lasts now for no less than 12 right to work witgin professionas as educated for or to unemplym,ent compensation...blacklisted from employment internationally whil having NEONAZIS like McCain/Bush/Clinton/Trump/Biden/Merkel/Netanyahu/Royals etc. and others who have done this to walk arround and suggest internatioinal community that evil exists) that reminds me of the case of my own....Divide and Conquer(brain kill and rape person with total deprivation of sanity till his/her bitter end is what they are all about - they do it now in front of the international community without any fear of being prosecuted) !!! Anything/everything that comes out of mouths of "Aryans" is a lie...first traders, then colonizers(your undertakers).


‘Chakra’ opened to 3rd eyes: India reportedly allowed US Navy to visit Russian sub

An unprecedented scandal is unfolding between Russia and India, with Moscow suspecting that New Delhi granted US Navy personnel access to INS ‘Chakra’, a Russian nuclear-powdered attack submarine operated by the Indian Navy since 2011.

The incident threatens to jeopardize talks on the lease of a second nuclear submarine, and on other projects in the field of military cooperation between the two countries, Russia’s Kommersant daily reported on Wednesday.

Several sources in the Russian state agencies told the newspaper that their Indian partners had recently committed several “unfriendly acts towards Russia.” First, a US Navy delegation had visited the aircraft carrier ‘Vikramaditya’ (property of the Indian Navy), with Russian officials forced to issue a note of protest. Sometime later, a US delegation came aboard the ‘Chakra’, according to a high-ranking military source.

The source, working in the military cooperation system, called the fact that the US Navy personnel had paid a visit to a Russian submarine outrageous. The sub is stationed on the base near ‘Vishakhapatnam’, pending repairs.

“There were well-trained technical specialists among them, so they got hold of some of the information anyway,” the source said, adding that this “string of incidents” may have a negative impact on defense cooperation between the two countries, which has been successfully developing over the past five years.

The Indian Navy commissioned the ‘Chakra’ (originally called the ‘Nerpa’) in 2012, and paid around $1 billion to lease the submarine for a 10-year period, according to Indian Defense News.

India remained the world’s biggest arms importer over the past five years, SIPRI reported in February. Russia has been the main arms supplier to both China and India.  

Moscow is now reportedly preparing retaliatory measures against its Indian partners, the sources say, also referring to “a lot of questions” and “difficult talks” ahead. The incident could affect negotiations on leasing the second nuclear submarine which the Indian Navy planned to obtain from Russia.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is due to visit India next month, has reportedly been tasked with sorting out the ‘Chakra’ issue. He is also set to negotiate the creation of a fifth-generation fighter jet under an agreement signed back in 2007, which so far has seen neither the aircraft’s concept nor its financial 

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