Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sarah Silverman trying to sell to NEONAZIS holocaust some more...

From yahoo.comSarah Silverman Says She 'Fell In Love' With Trump Voters While Traveling

For this news, I was told under MKULTRA I cite, "I am not with them and will not be with them, but when I start to come out with news like this it is because it is over...nazism will prevail...just letting you will be all too late..."...

Well the truth is that there was much of news like this one to begin with since Trump(trying to desperately convince brainwashed Americans and politicians into something that will end with total disaster) and fact is that Jews were(are) in bed with neo-nazis for already 50 if you would want to convince me(or others - its why I publish this news) about anything Sarah, you would have to wind clock backwards for 50 years when you started to enlarge your Israeli state at Palestinian expense(thats when it began to get too late for you - you sold yourself, but you will not sell us)....I will not buy your hollo holocaust story again - sorry....we are Slavs here and what 6 millions do is none of our businesses since we learned who and what they are all about...too many people in this world and you Jews are waaayyyy tooo overrepresented(in a very very negative sense).

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