Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Putin is using ministers to kill in other countries those who dare to expose his NEONAZI agenda !!!

I regretfully have to report that Putin called in Moscow Slovenian Minister(she is since march 2013) for Family and Social Matters ANJA KOPAČ MRAK to award her with a special order of friendship because of(what partially is suggested, but is much more) the merits that she ought to have in strengthening Russian-Slovenian cooperation and setting up a monument to Soviet and Russian soldiers...

As much as I would love nothing more than strong Slovenian Russian relations(I want more than Russian or USSR statues here, I would like to form strong Russian community throughout entire territory of what used to be Yugoslavia beginning with Slovenia which would be used further to re-assemble back lost country and incorporate one into our original Slavic DNA with Poland/Ukraine, Czech/Russia etc because we alone will be simply deleted from where we are via social engineering - we have zero chances for existence under given EU circumstances and it is about to get much much worse), I have to say that Anja Kopač Mrak has personally threatened me under MKULTRA with social matters(ruining my life which am afraid no longer is possible because I have very little left of what should have been life and she is already well deserved for ruining one) if I would dare to turn against Vladimir Putin.

I have to mention that I do sympathize with another Slovenian candidate awarded by Putin whose name is Zoran Janković(very good choice for Slovenian politics - the ideal direction for all of us as we have to bring our lost Yugoslav nations back together), but pledge to respond on any further provocations from department of LABOUR, FAMILY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES in a very same manner as I did so far(nothing will change here and I just get better on daily bases at what I do)....

About Anja Kopač Mrak


Putin z redom prijateljstva odlikoval Jankovića in Kopač Mrakovo

Moskva - Ruski predsednik Vladimir Putin je danes v Moskvi z redom prijateljstva odlikoval ljubljanskega župana Zorana Jankovića in ministrico za delo Anjo Kopač Mrak. Odlikovanje sta prejela za prispevek h krepitvi slovensko-ruskih odnosov ter ohranjanje spomina na ruske in sovjetske vojake, ki so padli na slovenskem ozemlju v času 1. in 2. svetovne vojne.

Odlikovanja je Putin podelil na slavnostnem sprejemu v Kremlju ob ruskem državnem prazniku, dnevu narodne enotnosti. Sprejema se je udeležil celoten ruski državni vrh.

Kot so še sporočili iz Mestne občine Ljubljana, je ruski predsednik danes odlikoval skupno osem posameznikov iz petih držav. Poleg župana Jankovića in ministrice Kopač Mrakove so odlikovanja prejeli še predstavniki iz Rusije, Srbije, Francije, Španije in Turčije.

Red prijateljstva velja za eno najbolj častnih nagrad Rusije. Podeljuje se za izjemne zasluge, ki med drugim krepijo prijateljstvo in sodelovanje med Rusijo in drugimi narodi.

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