Wednesday, November 1, 2017

CIA continues to hack my news site...good !!!

Just want to add to this that my ex friend Simon(when brought to Slovenia by CIA under MKULTRA all drugged up), had me walk to the dam about two kilometers from house(it was in 2006 done to clean brain/body of amount of drugs somehow) and even that I spent numerous hours at that beautiful place till age 23 when I left to US, I wasn't capable to recognize one(my brain was totally squashed - all dark and when they stimulated me to watch what was in front of me, I wasn't capable to discern location - when the two of us walked back, he have told me that what is happening is very wrong)...that was an enormous amount of drugs that CIA have used on me and when we returned back to parents home, he suggested incident to others who just didn't get at all what was going on....

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