Monday, November 13, 2017

Only 42% of registered voters voted in Slovenia and ZIOFASCIST Borut Pahor got 53% of those 42%(about 21% of registered voters gave Pahor another victory) !!! Slovenia is DEAD

Vladimir Putin negotiated Ukraine with Trump(because he is totally incompetent - insecure and more than anything traitorous individual), and have placed on table Slovenia as a trade option... 
You don't have to believe me word, but you will see exactly what I mean in no time...what Moscow has in Kremlin is semi-retarded individual and not the leader...Schroder, Macron, Kurz, and a bunch of others that Kremlin has surrounded themselves with are wolves ready to systematically tear apart Russia and all other Slavic states...

Slovenia to Italy, Austria(Germany), and Hungary and to Pahor an Israeli citizenship. Ciao Amore...too little to late for you(you f*** me, I gave you a warning and now is your turn to get f****). I use f-word, but you have no idea Slovenians just what you have done to yourself yesterday.
How can one become president with only 20% of votes amongst registered voters I do not know Slovenia, everything/anything is possible....

Pahor even had an idea to get me in Isreal with him(hijack me per Netanyahu)...well, I will not go voluntarily and they probably don't want me anywhere near him either....

Let me explain to you something do not negotiate the presence of NAZISM in any Slavic country that killed some 40 million Slavs in WWII, and nor you negotiate genocide of Russians in what used to be USSR republics...and especially you don't negotiate with NAZIS any issues at all. You just do whatever is the right thing to do, but you are way too confused to know even where your ass is.
Slovenia was/is on more important geopolitical position than Krimea or Kaliningrad, yet one will be soon taken over by our historic enemies. Nobody, but Putin could have done it...congratulations Putin.

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We will not be capable to stop anything, my friends....unless Kremlin does...

Only 42% of registered voters voted in Slovenia and ZIOFASCIST Borut Pahor got 53% of those 42%(about 21% of registered voters gave Pahor another victory) !!! Slovenia is DEAD

MMCživo: Pahor po zmagi: Potrudil se bom, da bo moj glas bolj slišan / Pahor after winning: I will try to make my voice more audible

Borut Pahor won the second presidential term. In the second round, after a partial unofficial results, 52.94 per cent of the votes were cast, while Marjan Sharec won 47.06 per cent of the vote.

Turnout was 41.74%.

Borut Pahor thanked everyone who voted for him. Five years ago, in his opinion, they voted in favor of him because they were against the then president, they now voted in favor of his politician. He will do the same thing that those who did not come to the polls this time believe in democracy and its institutions. As president, he will continue to work the same way as before, he will be the president of all and will link. He understands that people in the president see a directly elected person and expect him to be heard repeatedly. He will do his best to make his voice more audible, but he will not make a break in Slovenian politics. "Slovenes are becoming more self-confident, more sovereign, more thinking with our head, we are more open and less controversial. We have realized that there are many differences between us, but there is no need to hate."

Marjan Šarec, however, believes that politics should be imagined over his achievement. The problem of Slovenian and world politics is also seen in the fact that everything went into entertainment, but he himself takes politics seriously. He hopes that Pahor will now focus more on certain issues, as he will no longer run a five-year campaign. He described the game as interesting and exciting at times. He is proud to be ranked in the second round and he sees his outcome as a message to people that they want change, a policy derived from a practice that understands people's problems. "I am pleased that people have devoted themselves to the voice of the change that comes from below." He will also go to the polls next year, but he did not want to find out, but he confirmed that they were addressing him. The speech in Cankarjev dom was concluded with the sentence: "See you in the next challenges."

Prime Minister Miro Cerar congratulated the newly elected President on Twitter. He expects "constructive cooperation for the benefit of Slovenia". Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez wished him a lot of courage and royal wisdom, and he also greeted congratulations from neighboring countries. On Twitter, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic were among the first to speak.

Pahor will begin the new presidential term on Saturday, December 23, after an oath was made in the National Assembly.

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