Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Local Court of Novo mesto lies(rapes law and constitution yet again) and declines to assist me in respect to free legal aid which official request I was never ever allowed to even submit

Mr. Dušan from Local Court of Novo mesto(room 111) have denied me the right to even submit request for free legal aid at the local court of Novo mesto on what I have submitted complain to Slovenian Human Rights Ombudsman, Slovenian Supreme Court, and Slovenian Constitutional Court(ausertimes). Now, local court of Novo mesto claims that on proceeding(haw can there be a proceeding if I have never ever ever even submitted official claim for one since am not allowed too and nobody from Slovenian Human Rights ombudsman or Supreme Court ever contacted me in respect to my complains submitted to them !!???), judge Marjetica Žibert decided that I have no right to free legal aid "because"(according to her) I didn't submit complete complain information to the court...bizarre/insane yessss = Slovenian President Borut Pahor(GESTAPO' SS BOY WHOSE MOM WAS EVEN IN CONCENTRATION CAMP - CORRUPTION MIXED WITH MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS IN AN INDIVIDUAL THAT HOLDS TOP STATE POSITION HAVE DONE MIRACLES FOR NEONAZIS AND HE IS ABOUT TO BE REELECTED WITHIN NEXT FEW DAYS).

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