Monday, September 18, 2023

Thai royals RENAMED Celebrity Cruises ship where I was tortured till ship was sold and when re registered into Sun Vista as SS Galileo Galilei

 A new name which Thai royals chose with British for the ship was 

SS Galileo Galilei used to intimidate Germans and others with racism issues claiming with Russians on how they supported me - racism which they managed to bring on surface through the torture - created one through human bestiality performed on me that went on parallel to other torture also on the ship since beginning of employment in January 1995 

Funny to note is fact that opposed to BOTH SIDES OF my family, Thai royal family just as the one of the British royals BOTH heavily participated in a war against the world with Adolf Hitler but became wise...too wise for my taste. LUCKILY FOR ME, I HAD HAPPY AT TIMES SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH ASIAN WOMEN(Chinese listed on matrimonial list in real time in Miami) AS THIS CRIMINALS WANTED TO DESTROY ME AT ALL COSTS THROUGHOUT ASIA.

Unprecedented evil - Moscow partners at least till new war on Ukraine in 2022. I don't care whom they parade with today or since because I wasn't born in 2022.

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