Sunday, September 24, 2023

Russian Black Sea navy HQ in Crimea were NEGOTIATED BETWEEN Russia and Ukraine sometimes in 2018(all involved in MK Ultra)

With Russian government officials having commanders agreeing to leave prior to Ukrainian attack on one. For Ukrainian import on grain issues in Poland which subject also was involved in MK Ultra, was told Morawiecki will retire while Duda would start to publicly ponder about difficulty of Ukrainian farmers producing grain at such a low costs.... @Zeleenky - Proceed !!!

@Joe Biden - where are the new(thick armor) warthogs and F16 you had

Ukrainians trained on back in 2012 !!???? I hear that number of crippled Ukrainian land mines soldiers is raising into unbearable for Ukraine numbers....haven't seen any breakthroughs along the line other than what you negotiated with Putin prior to conflict with Putin preparing a super 2024 war budget...

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