Thursday, September 14, 2023

Beginning 2012 a life jacket was used during hiking to evaluate how much damage have straps with which they tied backpack around my chest and waist caused me a cancer related damage and TO SEE WHAT IMPACT ONE WILL HAVE ON ME WHEN RESCUING MYSELF FROM POLICE PROPERTY DESTRUCTION IN THE FUTURE

There were two types of life jackets used of which one was from young man who had same weight and height as nurse Janko and whom I would also repeatedly meet in person at Pumpnca - local club affiliated closely with police with every individual involved in MK Ultra. Peek of this life jacket use reached in 2015, but owner was furious because weight of straps on which heavy backpack was strapped exceeded the ability for fabric to handle one and have soon fallen apart. It was time for a second life jacket on which, however, one soon gave in....thats how much weight they loaded me with and that is how much damage those straps tied to body did to life jacket which didn't last to over 14 hiking trips. Individual is blonde. Life jackets were used in total of  0.1% of hiking trails and were of no other use than as stated above - per police who wanted to know how long I wold last in real time under maximum conditions. It was all supervised by police with police intervention cars stopping next to hiking all the time. They wanted back their Yugoslavia - greater Serbian chetnik state.

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