Sunday, September 10, 2023

And finally, nurse Janko and HIS SLOVENIAN ŽIHOVO SELO NEIGHBORS DREAMED about getting his house back by using me against Roma community

It was a grandfather(not father, but grandfather) of Janko that Germans killed in a partisan battle upon almost end of the WWII, Janko claimed over and over again seeing demons flying around one till lucrative job opportunity opened for him in Germany through crime against me - Janko then shut his mouths and slowed down his violence for two years or so on what one continued with old well established criminal demonic SHIZOIC JUST AS PUTN VIA PSYCHIATRIST PETER KAPŠ(POLICE) NEEDED ways. Related to 

That much about your violent Novo mesto's home for elderly and its famous nurse Janko who shined glowed when I was thrown at age 41 even into psychiatric hospital and labeled as paranoid schizophrenic. Janko was certain I wouldn't last beyond two years due to health damage police(Janko actively participated in butcheries) caused me.

Thursday, September 7, 2023 MK ULTRA(with people identified) - Slovenian police orchestrated yet another assault on me - It all started infront of what home for elderly nurse Janko claimed was his house at Žihovo selo

Saturday, September 9, 2023 Nurse Janko suffered loss of what probably was father during WWII - Psychiatrist Peter Kapš and Novo mesto police got order from Vladimir Putin(MOSCOW) IN 1995 as I immigrated to USA to find and involve in genocide against me anyone who suffer family losses during WWII from the side of Germans

Sunday, September 10, 2023 Slovenian and Italian police mutually orchestrated while keeping me hostage(drugged up and tortured) what appeared were kill for hire jobs throughout Italy by the local Roma couple whenever delivered to Italy with possibly even Italian state prosecutors issuing me death threats if I would ever dare to open mouths in respect to the two "wonderful guys" as they referred to them as

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