Monday, September 25, 2023

King Charles's evening routine includes the same cocktail - and only with specific glass

Don't like fact that Charles repeatedly claimed me I would have to have kidney replaced(during MK Ultra poisoning) and would use news in the future as seen here according to one in 2015 for me to attack one in respect to his alcoholism habits on what he claimed would use one against me when searching and/or in need of my kidneys.
For this news, Charles tutored me how one will use best of whatever is left out of his kidneys(indulge himself with alcohol ans sweets) which according to his physician should have been replaced already back in 2005, and then get on with long overdue kidney transparent surgery. He hoped I would attack him due to my never consuming alcohol and for crime against me upon the fall of the Soviet Union for which with Angela Merkel two even blamed me in-front of Russians. I have a real reason to hate one as one ruined my life, but will never get down to his mental level.

Fact of the matter is that till 2017 despite all the crime against me, I never ever wished Charles and his family other then the best of the best - 100% nothing as seen from above photos, but he was and is mentally ill and evil as it gets. Din't know if or how much I will ever be capable to sue one for on the court and if any sentence will be handed to one, but he sure never ever will get anywhere close to me again - nor Charles nor any individual from his family what I rather see as a sad part, BUT more important than kidneys or whatever. Today(will never ever change) if I could, I do sentence him and both of his sons to death row(not even prison).

I yet have to learn what truly is going on with my health condition - how extensive the damage which British and Germans financed...


King Charles enjoys the same drink every night before dinner, and he even brings his own special glass to drink it in when he travels abroad.



Charles even brings a special glass with him when he travels abroad (Image: GETTY)

King Charles loves a Martini before bed, according to a friend of the monarch.

Count Tibor Kalnoky, who has become a close friend of the King, said the Martini is the monarch's cocktail of choice.

The Romanian nobleman shared the revelation with the Channel 4 documentary 'The Real Windsors: The Outspoken Heir'.

He said that Charles even brings a special glass with him when he travels abroad, including to Romania, to drink his cocktail before bed.

Charles had fallen in love with Romania during the 2000s and he eventually decided to buy a small countryside house.


Charles' wife, Camilla, the Queen Consort, shares a love of drinks (Image: GETTY)

Count Kalnoky helped Charles find a property in Transylvania, Romania in 2006 and the relationship between pair blossomed into a strong friendship.

He told the Channel 4 documentary: "He likes a Martini before dinner, that's for sure."

The Martini, which has become one of the best-known cocktails, is made with gin and vermouth and is usually garnished with an olive or lemon twist.

However, it is not the only alcoholic favourite of the King, who is also partial to a gin and tonic according to close friends.

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