Friday, November 25, 2022

Prince William claimed will help me with his family, but it will be up to me to decide about help - to either see issues from the past involving crime against me or rather concentrate on future picture

 Then my Londonian brother/son/ relative(thats how they regarded me as) went on to remind me of crimes royals performed against me(since I challenged one with issues involving past)....biggest obstacles in respect to his kind gestuters based on friendship, however, presented facts that one started with mention trauma on me in 2013 - and that he continued to load on me more and more trauma...more and more crime to remind me over and over about "HELP"....a health experts not so much different from political systems which their daily media lambastes....cannibals from British island...torture addicts - psychopaths. Because its Putin and as long as is Putin we can....@Wiliam - am I right you cannibalistic animal !!????


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