Monday, November 14, 2022

As for Ukraine to clarify myself - its a 100 years of Holocaust and Russian genocide on one also must be acknowledged as such

 At times more aggressive and at times less, but Ukraine lost half of its territory already prior to 2014 and sure is a huge European county(the biggest one and as such the biggest security as well as economic potential for one) UKRAINIANS INCLUDING TATARS WERE DISAPPEARING FOR OVER CENTURY IN WAST SIBERIAN WILDERNESS - IT WASN'T ONLY ABOUT STARVATION BUT RUSSIAN(call them Soviet if you like)  DEATH TRAINS TO NOWHERE....AS FOR PUTIN IN MY OWN CASE, PUTIN WAS STALIN(one enforced Hitlerism) AND HITLER WHO ATTACKED UKRAINIAN NATIONAL INTEGRITY ON TWO OCCASIONS(in 2014 and 2022) IN THE NAME OF THE STALIN IN WHOSE ROLE ONE CAME TO DISENSITISE ONE OF "NAZISM"....MIGHTY SAVIOR OF THE WORLD PUTIN....

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