Friday, November 11, 2022

My question to European Union officials is why are you awarding Serbia which incited Russia into war with Ukraine and have financially supported one til now

 with calls for one to join European Union via sanctions on Russia which EU imposed against Russia rather than to sanction Serbia(same as to Russia) and absolutely remove one from the list of all potential European Union member states !!???? I am certain you are aware no neighbor of Serbia on Balkans wants one even as the neighbor...Serbia is a neighbor from hell for Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, and appears even for for Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary - Serbian issue is indifferent from the one in Transnistria or in Donetsk/Crimea...its a nasty dangerous threat to everyone in area just as is Kaliningrad along the Baltic sea. You could ask same Kaliningrad and what probably makes more sense(YOU WILL NOT SEPARATE RUSSIA FROM SERBIA AND SERBIA FROM RUSSIA, SO WHY NOT CALL INSTEAD RUSSIA AS A NEW POTENTIAL EU MEMBER AND YOU SOLVE THIS WAY TWO PROBLEMS AT ONCE !!????) since one is part of Russia since WWII....

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