Monday, November 14, 2022

Rotten eggs game was anticipated by Slovenian police(psychiatrist Peter Kapš) as one of the abuse climaxes which Slovenian police have hoped for would use to remove mother from household.

 Bird behind crime, however, was not restricted to Slovenia but again London who

demanded to see me as independent....mother moved this plant to remind me of MK Ultra during which same was orchestrated already sometimes in 2017/2018 if not even earlier

There was a lots of bad I took at home(literately inside of the psychiatric hospital and/or other border insane locations you wouldn't want to consider in your worst nightmares as options in life - places where I didn't get by mistake and NOT due to my fold) from 

surroundings of British royals during MK Ultra and there were also pleasant memories to which REALISTICALLY I have to refer to as fantasies as nothing ever came out of them - so far it was all blah blah which extended into struggle to stay alive so for me to say....bad expended from MK Ultra nightmares into borderline insanity during which easily I could have been apprehended by police for making smallest/slightest error...not even error, but anticipated by police for fantasies, I don't even dare to write about - I let them stay with their owners. ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT HARRY AND WILLIAM INSISTED ME HOW IT WILL DEPEND ON ME ON HOW(see negative or positive) TO PURSUE MY FUTURE THE FUTURE IN CIRCLES OF ROYALS...NEVER WAS !!! Nobody lives from promises - even less from dreams.

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