Thursday, November 10, 2022

Harvey Weinstein got reprimands from Bill Clinton for violence against me beginning in 1998 - Harvey Weinstein ended violence against me with words and infront of the people whom one involved in crime with idea to continue his violence saga

I cite Harvey Weinstein, "I no longer will do, but they will in my name" and those clients of his inserted in MK Ultra blood game more blood thirsty Weinsteins and so it went till sometimes in 2003 when Harvey Weinstein begun to claim me how one learned about what went on with me back in

Europe and will eventually help me....he sure made strong enough impression on me for me to stick quietly around one and his friends in his private house settings...Harvey Weinstein was/is just a huge fish concerning this case as one had own circle of people where money was brokered. Nah, there was no help - instead a new abuse MK Ultra torture front-lines of unlimited violence.

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