Sunday, November 13, 2022

This was not about as British royals claimed me over and over again I cite, "appreciate financial independence"

 This was more than about holding individual on restricted dimes income(forced joblessness which involved even psychitry after 18 years of torture - crime based on 26 years of MK Ultra) to plant one destroyed items which he purchases via internet or even inside of the local store....this was far more than about counting cents inside of one's wallet - it went into royal play with even weight loss via cancer and rotten eggs 26 years of MK Ultra and total of 28 years crime...through controlled even psychiatric settings and political asylum lodging...far more than about financial independence

With so many "friends", what can one do....

They had too many good wishes straight in my face - just too bad I remained a nobody from whom they demanded to proof himself with job as seen bellow and family portrait as seen above....

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