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MK ULTRA - Now a Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov was involved in case since 1995 via his father - he completed Polish hunger games in or before 1999(before he departed to US)

Oleg Tinkov, however, had in 1999 a health problem - a suspicion existed in one on how one will have to undergo medical leukemic procedures in the future...I had no idea what he was talking about and was

rather clustered with his talk more and more evident infront of other people - as much as I knew what leukemia was, I didn't get what he was talking about since he wouldn't reply me why/how or if cancer related since everyone claimed at the time I will have cancer....problem was becoming for Oleg Tinkov the unavoidable in 2001 when it became clear to one upon research in some medical institute in Moscow on how he will not be capable soon to avoid treatments with which he started on regular bases probably in 2003 - perhaps 2005, but I cast 2003(he got two three experimental blood transfusion leukemia related treatments in Moscow already bye 2003 on what it was established he will be in need of those in the future) opposed to Wikipedia who claimes I cite, "In 2019 Tinkov was diagnosed with leukemia". Oleg Tinkov completed his studies in 2003 or even 2005 and got his 4 year degree(degree was actually something that economics because he had to go on extra examinations in Russia to get his things going - it should have been from economics as I claimed one since 1999 to do, but he chose something else and end-up consequently taking extra examinations in two fields related to his future business - he had some boring degree and not in field of economics, business, and administration as one never planned on something so big - I was the one who troubled him with idea to become wealthy on what one made up his mind to become - his sister also has degree) at least I would like to I think...

I did go to his medical research throughout Moscow with him on few occasions. Anyhow, Oleg Tinkov was different in a sense that one respected Putin and his mafia, but wouldn't give on on his convictions as per what is right and what wrong(Putin's mafia knew this and consequently he didn't qualify into inner circle of one - he was listed as DISQUALIFIED AND UNWANTED VIA LIMITED OFFER OF HIS CHOICE)....he told me needs them to jump-start his COMPLETELY NON OIL PETROLEUM MINERAL businesses via small financial investment and so we headed to some well known from past MK Ultra connections(rather locations) in Moscow where one got and advice and all taken care off in like 2003. Oleg Tinkov had with his family extremely successful international ideas which made enormously nervous due to his #1 Putin relationship and #2 personal family members who rejected me and even more so I rejected in return - it was death threats unlimited within his home circle from his father, two brothers and I think sister for whom I am unsure what took place - was it due to marriage offer of some kind or whatever issues. They just like everyone to get ahead and to stay alive probably had to do a stated - Russia....Oleg, however, distanced himself from his closest Russian relatives in respect to even my case and reserved right to himself to keep up with me regardless of threats to him alone from his own family members - his brother was ultra violent thug...

Oleg Tinkov abroad

In climax of my madness in 2015(20 years of MK Ultra torture and what became even real Milan Kučan's psychiatric hospitalization in 2013), Oleg ran into my face with some gay ideas posing next to bikers in Italy that drove me insane for all the wrong ideas. People around us and Oleg whom Oleg hired alone interpreted to world as my being wrong - if I properly translate my view under MK Ultra, headline would read "Putin's Russian who dared me on gay issues laughing in my face with his red hair mascot encircled with happy Italians and Germans around him after all crime implemented against me took place"(it was written in my head that Putin now went on to turn Western gay

community against me atop of so many politicians who begun to side with one already)
...I launched myself by completely disregarding about huge circle of gay supporters involved in MK Ultra in a war against gay community and begun to lambaste whatever whoever had gay tendencies even in real time for me unknown reasons(I will not name names due to safety reasons of gay people who embraced me, but you can bet huge circle did - having me in their private circles have proven them for me to have no anti gay tendencies whatsoever). Gay community as Putin anticipated, however, didn't resent me(some did, but were calmed by those from top of community who demonstrated them invalidity of claims against me) as this hatred too was just as controversial as any other....it was enough you posed next to Kučan or Putin infront of me and you were listed in my book as good to go - no mercy and not that I would beg you to see different when drugged up but making sure in your face that you will acknowledge stated as many times as possible....one of the people who knew I had nothing to do with anti gay related issues despite drama was Oleg Tinkov himself who begun to express his concern to Western government officials...circle of gay supporters involved in MK Ultra was quite considerable beginning with Jeffrey Edward Epstein with whom all started in 1995. The further down torture went, the more angry resentful my personality became - once thrown behind walls of mental institution in 2013(therefore all threats exercised against me under MK Ultra surfaced), I begun to raise all the hell involved in MK Ultra and without any discount to whomever came my way...

Above photo was taken in 2016, but Oleg used his first red wig in 2015 - it was Pope Francis who stalked me due to gay issues and begun to lambaste me...something I didn't give much f*** about as Pope was cool(I knew he would figure out truth - I never was allowed to explain myself under MK Ultra because EXPLAINING ACCORDING TO PRINCE ANDREW WHO EXPLAINED ON THE SIDE STATED, WOULD GIVE ME THE ABILITY TO EXERCISE ANOTHER BRAIN MUSCLE UNDER MK ULTRA AND THIS WOULD PLACE ME IN COMPLETELY EVEN POSITION WITH THOSE WHO ENGAGED IN MK ULTRA - MK ULTRA WOULD LOOSE ITS PURPOSE) giving me perhaps a slap or two....Pope(involved perhaps even since 1995) knew much more was truth that what people threw out of their mouths about me...I preferred for Pope to take me to some exotic trip to Brasil or Italy to meet some sexy babes - he did to earn from politicians $$$ for local impoverished communities and projects for those in need...after Oleg completed his studies in USA, he went on to complete some in Russia as well what is nowhere written about - he would come to visit me and pick me up to his parents' house where I refused to stay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleg_Tinkov Russians too had idea best for me would be to remain in Russia on some isolated chicken farm, but in this case father of Oleg was offering his daughter to me which apparently I refused - I think his mom was interesting to me what was a frequent issue involved in MK Ultra...frequent. None of which is or was written anywhere about private life of Oleg...Oleg's father also had a brother or perhaps even two and those really wanted to whack me...

I wrote this article in support of Oleg because I cite bellow....Oleg also went on to marry Estonian woman what was contrary to Putin's insane protocol...I wrote this article to demonstrate Russians what Russia could be like(Oleg got everything through my case, but most impressive to me are his ideas about connecting himself with world and which I noted above as "envious"). Huge difference between Oleg alike thinkers and Putin, but then again where would Russia be if people like Oleg ran one....COUNTRY IS AS BIG(not tall, but big) AS ITS PRESIDENT AND WE DON'T KNOW FOR ONE EVEN IF TOMORROW WILL STILL EXIST ON MAP AS LARGE AS IS....

It could be Putin went insane after he saw me dating Russian female in 2017 - it could well be that my visit to Belarus in 2017 drove one completely mad(LEFT ONE WITH NO PROOF IN RESPECT TO HIS MK ULTRA CLAIMS ON HOW I AM RUSSOPHOBE) and one consequently proclaimed his long planned war on world.

Oleg Tinkov renounces citizenship over Ukraine war

Billionaire banker says he will not be associated ‘with a fascist country’ that is ‘killing innocent people daily’.

Oleg Tinkov

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Oleg Yuryevich Tinkov (RussianОлег Юрьевич Тиньков; born 25 December 1967) is a Russian-born Cypriot entrepreneur and businessman.

Tinkov is the founder of a network of shops of household appliances Technoshock, frozen food factories Daria, brewing companies and network of Tinkoff restaurants.[1] Among less well-known projects – music store Music Shock and the record label Shock Records, which released first albums by bands Kirpichi, and Leningrad, and which worked with the Knife for Frau Müller.[2] Tinkov was the founder and chairman of the Tinkoff Bank board of directors (until 2015 it was called Tinkoff Credit Systems[3]). The bank was founded in 2007 and as of December 1, 2016, it was ranked 45 in terms of assets and 33 – for equity among Russian banks.[4][5]

Tinkov was indicted by a US grand jury in Sept 2019 for willfully filing false tax returns and attempting to evade over $240 million in taxes while renouncing his US citizenship.[6] He was arrested in London in February 2020 but fought extradition based on a new diagnosis of leukaemia making him too unwell to travel. He eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay over $508 million in unpaid taxes, fines and a fraud penalty, as well as time served and a year's supervised release.[6] In 2019 Tinkov was diagnosed with leukemia.[7] In 2021 he had complications after surgery and his chances of survival were estimated at only 40%. By 2022 his cancer went into remission. After the diagnosis, Tinkov left management positions in his businesses. In 2020 he announced the foundation of his own charity fund for leukemia sufferers.[8] with $200 mln investment of his own money.[9]

Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimated his net worth at $8.2 billion in November 2021; Forbes estimated his net worth at $0.8 billion four months later.[10][11] After he publicly criticized the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine in April 2022, he said officials of the Putin administration threatened to nationalize Tinkoff Bank, and he went into hiding after selling his 35% stake under pressure.[12] In October 2022, he renounced his Russian citizenship, citing the Ukrainian war and the "Putin fascism" as the reason.[13]


Early years[edit]

Tinkoff was born in the village PolysayevoLeninsk-Kuznetsk district of the Kemerovo Oblast in the family of a miner and a seamstress.[14][15][16]

Since the age of 12 Tinkoff was interested in road cycling, he was a member of cycling clubs at school, and later – at the workplaces. He won in a number of competitions, and in 1984 received the title of a candidate in master of sports. During training camps Tinkoff first took up black marketeering, buying hard-to-find goods in Central Asia, and selling them in Leninsk-Kuznetsky.[17] His cycling career was interrupted by military service: he did not get into the Sports Club of the army and was sent to the border troops. In 1986–1988 he served in the Far East – in Nakhodka and Nikolayevsk-on-Amur.[18][19]


In 1988, Oleg Tinkov entered the Mining Institute university, which had a large number of foreign students and offered promising opportunities in trade. He traded in jeans, cosmetics and perfumery, caviar and vodka. He sold goods from St. Petersburg to customers in Siberia, and from there he brought Japanese household appliances purchased from the miners.[20] He brought electrical appliances to Poland and returned with office equipment and supplies, gas cartridges and guns.[21]

Tinkov traded together with his future wife and fellow students – Oleg Zherebtsov (later – the founder of hypermarket retail chain Lenta), Oleg Leonov (future founder of retail chain DIXY) and Andrey Rogachev (founder of the company LEC and Pyaterochka).[22]

In 1999, he studied at the University of California, Berkeley.[23]


Tinkov met an Estonian, Rina Vosman, while studying at university. Their wedding took place in June 2009 – after 20 years of living together.[24] Their daughter Daria Tinkov studied at King's College London, sons Pasha and Roman at St Edward's School, Oxford.[25]



In 1992, Tinkov began to trade in wholesale electronics from Singapore. To simplify the registration of documents he registered a limited liability partnership Petrosib in St. Petersburg, and then regional companies Petrosib-KemerovoPetrosib-Novosibirsk and Petrosib-Omsk and others. Goods arrived in St. Petersburg and from there were sent to the regions, where they were sold with a larger markup. He started with calculators and went on to office equipment, televisions, VCRs and even artificial flowers and trees. In the beginning, Oleg himself flew to Singapore, then began to use commercial air freight, but the turning point came when an Indian dealer Ashok Vasmani shipped him a half-container of TVs on credit.[26] Tinkov went on to use container sea freight.[27]

Reduced profits from wholesaling pushed Tinkov towards launching his own retail stores. In 1994 Petrosib opened the first store under the Sony label on Maly Prospect of Vasilevsky Island in St. Petersburg, then another on Marata StreetPetrosib USA opened in San Francisco. Success in retail inspired Tinkov to combine the shops under one name. Technoshock was opened in 1995 and offered expensive household appliances at the highest prices in the city, but still it was popular. Technoshock was one of the first companies in Russia which began to train its sales consultants.[28] Sergio Gutsalenko, an American of Russian origin, became the president of the company. The network grew rapidly; by 1996 the Technoshock had five stores in St. Petersburg, two in Omsk and Kemerovo and one in Novorossiysk. From 1995 to 1996 the turnover doubled and reached $40 million.[29]

By 1997 Eldorado stores had arrived in St. Petersburg, which increased competition and reduced profitability. In 1997 Tinkov sold the company to its management, and a year later it was acquired by Simteks. He came out of Technoshock with $7 million and invested the sum in the pelmeni business.[30]

Along with Technoshock, Tinkov opened a chain of music stores called Music Shock in 1996. Philipp Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva performed at the opening of the first Music Shock store and Jeanne Aguzarova at the second.[31] In 1998 Music Shock was sold to the Moscow company Gala Records.[32]

Together with Ilya Bortnyuk, Tinkov launched the Shock Records record label. The label released the debut albums of the bands KirpichiLeningradVladimir Dashkevich Symphony based on his music for the film Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, the album Nechelovek-vidimka by Knife for Frau MüllerMusic Shock published a 320-page book Viktor Tsoi.[citation needed]


Pelmeni and other frozen foods were produced under the brand name Daria, named after the Tinkov's daughter. A Greek called Athanasius, who distributed ravioli manufacturing equipment in Russia, gave Tinkov this idea while in the sauna. Production was launched in early 1998 in Peterhof and in the beginning it made products under the trademark Smak under license from the Andrey Makarevich company. After a conflict with the licensor, the brand name changed to Smak St. PetersburgEconomic crisis was the reason for creating its own brand; the new brand helped increase market share. The new plant, which opened in December 1998, at the site of a former Technoshock warehouse on Predportovaya street in St. Petersburg, originally produced only Daria. In addition, Tinkoff made products under the brands of Tolsty kokDobry product and Tsar-batyushka.[33]

Daria first became popular due to an advertising campaign in which five billboards in St. Petersburg and two in Moscow showed an image of female buttocks covered with flour and the caption Your favorite pelmeni!.[34][35] Another commercial included the phrase, From these raviolek you’ll get stomach cramps, which caused the Ravioli company dissatisfaction. In return they used a phrase Daria, shoo! in their advertisement campaign.[36][37]

In 2001, Daria was sold to Roman Abramovich and Andrew Bloch's holding company Planeta Management for $21 million, of which $7 million were used to pay off debt.[38]

Tinkoff Beer[edit]

In 1997 Tinkov could not find an investor for the construction of a brewery. Two meetings helped: an equipment supplier, with whom Tinkoff met at the Drinktec exhibition in Munich, proposed to combine the brewery with a restaurant and focus on the development of the brand; the other supplier suggested that beer be called after Tinkov's family name according to the Bavarian tradition.[39]

The initial investment amounted to one million Deutschmarks, and in August 1998 the first restaurant was opened in St. Petersburg on Kazanskaya street, 7.[40] There soon appeared a line for beer in bottles. In 2001 a restaurant was opened in Moscow in Protochny lane, the investment in which amounted to $2 million. Other restaurants were opened in Samara in November 2002 and in Novosibirsk in January 2003; there were further openings in Nizhny NovgorodKazanUfaYekaterinburgVladivostok and Sochi.[39]

The first plant was built by the summer of 2003 with the support of Zenit Bank, which opened a credit line for Tinkoff Brewery. For construction of the second plant the company raised the funds through a bond issue, as well as the lkoans from Zenit Bank and the German HypoVereinsbank. The second plant worth about $75 million was completely built on credit funds.[41]

Tinkoff factories produced Tinkoff beerTekiza, and T. While expanding, the company invested significant funds in mass marketing. There was even a bad experience of collaboration with photographer and director Oliviero Toscani, author of the United Colors of Benetton advertising campaigns.[42][43]

The Sun Interbrew group had shown interest in acquisition of the Tinkoff factories since, and in 2005 the transaction took place. It paid about $200 million for the factories and brand.[44] After that Tinkov did a deal to sell nad lease back the premises of the Tinkoff restaurants to the management company Troika Dialog for about $10–12 million.[45] Finally in 2008–2009 the restaurants themselves were acquired by Mint Capital equity fund.[46]

Tinkoff Bank[edit]

On November 18, 2005, on Necker Island, owned by billionaire Richard Branson, Oleg Tinkov presented a draft or his proposal for a future bank.[47] In 2006 he acquired the Moscow Himmashbank and based on it created an online bank, which was a first in Russia. Despite setbacks in attracting investment at the start of the project, during the crisis of 2008 the bank showed a 50-fold increase in profits.[48][49]

Tinkoff Credit Systems reduced costs at the expense of marketing which was non-standard for the banking sector[50][51] and the widespread use of computer processing of the data instead of human labor.[52][53] For a long time the bank did not attract deposits and used its own capital for lending.[54]

Tinkoff's technology platform played a major role in its growth. The IPO of the bank was listed as one of the largest deals in the 2013 Russian version of Forbes; Tinkov doubled his fortune and took position 1210 in the world ranking of billionaires.[55][56][57][58] On 14 October 2013, TCS had its IPO and several days later Oleg Tinkov renounced his United States citizenship.[59][60]

In the beginning of 2015 Tinkoff Credit Systems changed its name to Tinkoff Bank.[3] The simpler and more concise name was intended to better reflect the full range of financial institution services.[61]

As of February 2020 Tinkov owned 44% of the bank,[62] and it remained his main project.[63]

In December 2020, Tinkov sold 5.3% of TCS Group for $325 million, reducing his stake to 35%. He announced his intention to spend part of this money ($200 million) to create a fund for the study of leukemia.[64]

In January 2021, his remaining shares were converted from class B to class A. As a result, the Tinkov family's voting rights in the group decreased from 84% to 35%.[65]

In February 2022, sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of their 2022 invasion of Ukraine heavily impacted the ruble and Tinkoff's shares crashed. Tinkov lost the majority of his net worth, retaining under $1 billion.[11]


Tinkov is passionate about road cycling and has the title of candidate in master of sports of the USSR.[66] In 2005, he created a professional cycling team Tinkoff Restaurants, which later changed its name to Tinkoff Credit Systems and became the basis for the Katyusha team.[67][68] From December 2013 to November 2016 he owned the cycling team Tinkoff.[69][70]

Tinkoff Restaurants[edit]

The Tinkoff Restaurants cycling team under command of coach Alexander Kuznetsov became historically the third Russian professional team.[71] At the time of its appearance it was the only one in Russia. The team was launched in January 2006 at the headquarters at Kutzetnov's Spanish villa. It was composed of members of the Russian national Track cycling team, including Mikhail IgnatievNikolay TrusovAlexander SerovSergey KlimovPavel Brutt and Ivan Rovny.[72][73] Airline Siberia was the joint team sponsorand the team's annual budget was $4 million.[74]

In the 2006 season the team riders won first place in the team pursuit at the Track Cycling World Cup in Los Angeles, and Pavel Brutt won the Tour of Greece and the Cinturón a Mallorca.[75]

The reason for the team disbanding was the conflict between Alexander Kuznetsov and Tinkov.[76][77][78][79]

Tinkoff Credit Systems[edit]

Tinkoff Credit Systems was founded in the 2007 season on the basis of Tinkoff Restaurants, but with an Italian management and registration. UCI Professional Continental license allowed athletes to participate in all the major European races.[80] The new line-up had a higher number of foreign athletes and the captain was an American Tyler Hamilton.[81]

Successful performances of the team, including these at the stages of the Giro d'Italia in 2008, attracted the attention of former cyclist Igor Makarov, an owner of Itera corporation. At his initiative and under the sponsorship of Gazprom and Rostekhnologii based on the Tinkoff Credit Systems Russian team Katyusha was established.[82][83]

Tinkoff team

In December 2013 Tinkov, through the management company Tinkoff Sport A/C bought a team from the former cyclist Bjarne RiisTinkoff Credit Systems sponsored this team from 2012 on.[69]

Tinkoff and Katyusha were the only Russian teams performing at the UCI World Tour races.[84][85]

Tinkov takes part in training alongside the team's athletes and travels to competitions.[86] In honor of Contador's victory in the 2015 Giro d'Italia he painted his hair pink.[87]

Tinkov has repeatedly criticized the bureaucratization of professional cycling and its "outdated" sponsorship model.[88][89][90] He became one of the shareholders of the project Velon – World Tour Team initiative for the development of professional cycling, organizing more spectacular events, protecting the interests of sponsors and team owners.[91] Tinkoff also stands for Grand Tour schedule, which will enable the strongest riders to perform at each of them during the season. In 2014, he offered the captain Tinkoff-Saxo Alberto Contador and his rivals Chris Froome, who rode for Sky Procycling and Vincenzo Nibali of the Astana Pro Team 1 million euros each for performing in all three of the world's major stage races.[92]

Since 2016 the cycling team races under the name Tinkoff, as Saxo Bank decided not to renew sponsorship past 2015.[93] At the end of 2015 Tinov announced that by the end of the 2016 season he would leave cycling and sell the team. As the sole title sponsor of the team, Tinkov was spending about 20 million euros on it per year, and during his sponsorship invested about 50 million euros in it together with the bank. In addition to the increased financial burden, among the reasons he mentioned were thelack of potential for bank-branding, losses for the cycling teams, the absence of reforms in the sport, as well as the long-running conflict between the Union Cycliste Internationale and Amaury Sport Organisation. In its last season the team finished in second place and was finally disbanded in November 2016.[94][95][7


Among Tinkov's property is a personal aircraft Dassault Falcon 7X with the bank's logo on the tail.[96] In September 2015 Tinkov announced that he would invest 250 million rubles in the construction of a hotel and recreational complex in the Elizovo district on Kamchatka, where he often stayed. It was assumed that the launch would happen in the fourth quarter of the following year.[97] In January 2016 it became known that he had abandoned the project because of opposition from local officials and instead invested in the French Alps.[98] In June of the same year he opened two Tinkoff luxurious chalets called La Datcha: one in the ski resort of Courchevel and the second – in Val Thorens. In 2017 and 2018 there were to be new homes in Forte dei Marmi and Astrakhan.[99] On 3 July 2020 in Vlissingen (Netherlands) the world's first private icebreaker yacht was launched by Tinkov. The 77 m vessel (also called La Datcha) cost €100 million. It features an icebreaker-class hull, is polar code compliant and offers accommodation for 12 guests. The yacht was available for weekly charters for most of the year.[100]

In 2017, Tinkov renounced his American citizenship.[101] Tinkov is one of many Russian oligarchs named in the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, CAATSA, signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017.[102]


From 2007 to 2010, Tinkov was a columnist for Finance magazine.[103] Since 2010, the chief editor of the magazine Oleg Anisimov went on to work at Tinkoff Bank and worked with him on the TV show Business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff at the online channel Russia.ru.[citation needed] An interview with Mikhail Fridman in October 2015 restarted production of Business secrets after a two-year break.[104]

Tinkov has Facebook and Twitter accounts.[105] His manner of communication is considered provocative and often leads to disputes and mutual insults.[106][107]

Tinkov wrote two books summarizing his entrepreneurial experience: "I am like everyone" (Russian«Я такой как все») which was published in 2010 and "How to become a businessman" (Russian«Как стать бизнесменом»), published a year later.[108][109]

Tinkoff lane[edit]

In order to promote the brand Tinkoff a story of Porphyry Tinkoff, an ancestor and a brewer, who supplied beer to the imperial court since 1759, was invented.[110] According to legend, the page mentioning him, was found by Oleg Tinkov in Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary. The fake page was presented in the Toponymy Commission of St. Petersburg [ru] with a proposal to memorialize the Tinkoff family line in the street name. Officials did not notice the fraud and agreed to the company's proposal; on 7 July 2003 Tinkoff Lane appeared in Pushkin, Saint Petersburg.[111]

Conflict with bloggers[edit]

On August 8, 2017, the YouTube channel NEMAGIA published a review dedicated to Tinkov and Tinkoff Bank. The video caused a significant resonance in the web. Shortly after its release, on August 28, 2017, Oleg Tinkov filed a lawsuit with the Kemerovo District Court for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.[112][113] By a court decision on September 4, Roskomnadzor ordered bloggers to remove the video criticizing Tinkov's activities.[114] On September 12, searches were conducted at the co-author of Nemagia, Alexei Pskovitin, and his computer equipment was confiscated.[115] Police strength's workers specially flew to Kemerovo from Moscow.[116] Many Russian bloggers came out in support of NEMAGIA. On September 26, Tinkov withdrew claims against video bloggers from "Nemagia".[115] The criminal case against NEMAGIA was dropped.[117]

Deripaska's lawsuit[edit]

In May 2022, Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska filed a lawsuit against Tinkov. The reason was a comment on Instagram, where Tinkov called Deripaska "an oligarch and a thief." The co-respondent is the owner of Instagram - the Meta company. The amount of the claim is 2 billion rubles. Hearings began on August 16 in the district court of Ust-Labinsk in the Krasnodar Krai.[118] Later, the claim was transferred to the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region.[119]

US tax evasion case[edit]

On February 27, 2020, Tinkoff Credit Systems Group Holding PLC (TCSGH) announced that Tinkov was attending court hearings initiated in London by the US Internal Revenue Service.[120] No details were disclosed. Two days later, on March 1, 2020, The Daily Express published an article claiming that Tinkov paid £20m bail to avoid being held in jail until an extradition hearing was due to take place in April.[121] The article also stated the terms of his release required him to surrender his passports and be confined to his residence for 12 hours per day. The following day, on March 2, 2020, TCSGH released a statement confirming the details of The Daily Express article.[122] An indictment issued on September 26, 2019, by a federal grand jury was unsealed on March 5 following Tinkov's arrest in London.[123] The indictment alleged that Tinkov concealed $1 billion in assets and income when renouncing his U.S. citizenship. The indictment charged Tinkov with two counts of tax fraud, each carrying a potential 3-year prison term. In October 2021, Oleg Tinkov settled tax claims on the premise of paying at least 506.8 million dollars, including 248.5 million dollars of unpaid taxes, without going to jail, according to US Department of Justice.[124]


On March 6, 2020, the day after the indictment was unsealed, Tinkov announced he was fighting acute leukemia that had been diagnosed in October 2019. It was reported that Tinkov had already undergone chemotherapy, and that his silence was associated with his declining health. After an announcement by his representatives, the shares of TCS Group, which included Tinkov on its board of directors, fell almost 25% on the Moscow Exchange.[7]

On December 18, 2020 Tinkov reported that his last analysis after a bone marrow transplant showed complete remission from cancer "at the molecular level".[125]

Cancer Fund[edit]

In December 2020 Tinkov announced that he and his family are planning to establish a charity fund to help leukemia sufferers.[126][127] The Tinkov Family Foundation (TFF) was registered in 2021. Its tasks were to promote donorship, create a national register for bone marrow stem cells, build transplantation centers in remote regions of Russia and offer training programs to haematologists.[9] Oleg Tinkov invested more than $200 mln of his own money to the Fund.[128] On August 19 TFF announced a new strategic partnership with Leukemia Foundation. It offered financial support for research, operations, and purchase of medicine.[129][130] In October 2021 it also announced giving 400 mln roubles for a project that in 3 years should treat more than 900 patients with leukemia.[131]

Sanctions and crackdown[edit]

Tinkov has been critical of Vladimir Putin, in particular with regard to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tinkov wrote on his Instagram page, on 19 April 2022, in Russian: "The generals, waking up with a hangover, realized that they had a shit army", "I don't see a single beneficiary of this crazy war! Innocent people and soldiers are dying", "Of course there are morons who draw Z, but 10% of any country are morons. 90% of Russians are AGAINST this war!" and "Kremlin officials are shocked that neither they or their children will be off to the Mediterranean in the summer. Businessmen are trying to save the rest of their property." Finally, he wrote in English: "Dear 'collective West' please give Mr. Putin a clear exit to save his face and stop this massacre. Please be more rational and humanitarian."[132][133]

On the next day after the first post with critics of the war in Ukraine Tinkov said his executives were contacted by the presidential administration with a demand to sell his 35% stake, otherwise the bank would be nationalized. Tinkov says he was offered a price of about 3% from the real value of his share.[134]

On 3 May 2022, Tinkov wrote: "I'm taking the Tinkoff and La Datcha brands out of the country. They belong to my family: I don't want to besmirch them with the blood of Russian soldiers and the citizens of Ukraine. Ukraine will win because good always wins over evil— we were taught that at school."[135]

On 1 November 2022, he renounced his Russian citizenship [136]

UK sanctions[edit]

On March, 2022, the UK government-imposed sanctions against Tinkov. As stated in the document, Tinkov was accused of "receiving benefits from the Russian government or its support" because he owned and controlled financial sector enterprises of "strategic importance" to the state. Tinkov's yachts, ships and planes were denied access to British ports and airports, though he was not banned from entering the country.[137][138]

Forbes and Forbes Russia do not consider Oleg Tinkov to be an oligarch, despite him having been sanctioned: "Tinkov is not an oligarch because he built an independent fortune without ties to the Russian government under either Boris Yeltsin or Vladimir Putin".[139]

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