Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This is what Poroshenko's military looks like today...they are brave(no doubt) enough to attack even hungry pensioners when those dare to express their freedom of speech !!!

It was no different with me when in Lvov in 2017(stalked, heavily bullied, and humiliated)...just wait to see video am working on...this man should be placed in front of guillotine !!! You are disgrace for Ukraine, Europe, and world(you serve ZIOFASCIST interests who are in war with white Americans) Poroshenko.
This is the last defense of white civilisation against global army of Rothschilds gangsters and they survive on $41 per month pensions and are treated as seen here !!! I am appealing(begging and urging) Ukrainian people to open their eyes and join forces with brotherly Russians before it gets all too late. I am asking Alex Jones and every other individual out there who claims to love white culture and democracy to publicly condemn seen here(lets see how much you really stand for truth and democracy) because communism in Eastern Europe did preserved whatever is left of humanity today(on global scale)...we must unite and fight against global tyranny and not divide one another to be conquered as their plan is(they are using Ukraine to kill Ukrainian, white American and European population) !!! I love you communist moms and are the biggest heroes ever !!! Слава братскому российскому украинского Союза...two hours long documentary about Ukraine coming with live recordings(hidden audio recordings from police station in Lviv/Lvov).

You are a war criminal and a terrorist Poroshenko !!!

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