Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"In the name of Ziofascism, take my in rapefugees in or pay big time" says Angela Merkel to Hungary

"In the name of Ziofascism, take my refugees in or pay big time" says Angela Merkel to Hungary(EU court does for her the rest - they did same to Poland, Czech, and all other eastern European countries...take rapefugees in now or face heavy penalties...the message from American school of "human rights" is clear, "you will learn to hate Hungary whether you like it or not").
Good bye babes - EU court wants them now !!! I remember them very well and still have a few as a souvenir in my drawer ;) One of the loveliest(<3) people I have ever seen and met are Hungarians(closely related to Finnish people and in same cases mixed with Germans, Slovaks, Slovenes, Romanians...with unbelievable European culture/heritage)...

If you weren't crazy about Hitlah, you will be about Hitlahyahu...if you hate to pay, learn to love to be raped...if you hate being raped, learn to love to pay...

Merkel: Hungary can't ignore EU refugee ruling
Published September 12, 2017

BERLIN –  German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it's unacceptable for Hungary to ignore a ruling by the European Union's top court that it must accept refugees under an EU-wide plan. But she's not specifying any consequences.

Hungary's prime minister has said that while he "took note" of the European Court of Justice's ruling last week, he'd continue to oppose the plans.

Merkel told Tuesday's edition of the daily Berliner Zeitung: "That one government says it isn't interested in a verdict by the European Court of Justice cannot be accepted."

Asked whether that means Hungary must leave the EU, she replied: "It means that a very fundamental European question is affected, because for me Europe is a place governed by laws." Merkel said an EU summit in October must discuss the issue.

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