Monday, September 4, 2017

Nope, Russia didn't hack or hijacked absolutely anything that top USA/EU government officials wouldn't let is you Buckinghams who have supported(incited) their "aggression", so you could start hysterical witch hunt against Russians across the Europe and Northern America

My view on article titled as "Boris Johnson squares up to Vladimir Putin as he vows to stand up to 'Russian aggression'":

As far as I am concerned, there will be no Russian witch hunt in Slovenia(they anticipated one from me, but it isn't gonna happen). I want them to stay here...I want them to have families and pursue happiness here. I wish other states across the Europe would follow this example as well - especially those that are very much related to Russia(Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus etc.). Strength is in union and there is much to preserve when it comes to beautiful Eastern and Western Europe.
I am not scared of Russian people...I am more scared of those who claim that are something they are not...I am scared of human rights that are used to torture and exterminate us(like Philippine president Duterte would say "double talk")....I am scared of "democracies" where we(all Eastern Europeans incl. Baltic states) are considered as ugly/lazy thugs....spies !!! I am scared of "democracies" that claim how they are considered for us when in fact are only using us to take down our last chance for white survival = Russia !!! I am scared of blond London clowns(Buck palace - make no mistake) who are opinionated about "Russian aggression", but have forgotten all about their BREXIT legacy(what happened with Brexit Johnson !!??? You were all about Brexit...remember !!?? Since when did you became so courageous didn't dare to stand up or even mention word "Queen" in respect to stopped Brexit - how come that you are so loud now !!????).

The one that is breaking Europe ladies and gentleman is Buckingham palace and not Russia...Buckingham palace didn't only broke with its ZIOFASCIST politics Europe, but instead Great Britain alone.

I would strongly suggest European Union states to pay special attention to British politics which is ran by Buckingham palace solely. We have witnessed plane crashes with which Russia didn't have anything to do with and many other plots(incl. assassinations) orchestrated by West - blamed all on Russia(or Putin) without issuing any public apologies(apologies to Russia and world as those incidents involved international deaths as well - WHY !!???)....

Regarding "Montenegro's assassination plot" only a you folks truly believe that KGB is insane enough to go out there and hire sniper to gun down prime minister, Milo Ðjukanović("storm Podgorica parliament, shoot Milo Ðjukanović and install a pro-Moscow party !!????") or to leave(perhaps forgets !!???) guns in a area where Serbian prime minister, Aleksandar Vučić' car slows down slows down(what a craziness) !!???

I cite from guardianThe weapons for what Montenegro officials called a “terrorist attack plan” have never been presented but Katnić insisted they had been destroyed in Kosovo.

I cite from guardian: The Serbian government was further rattled three days after Patrushev’s visit when a cache of arms was found near the home of the prime minister, Aleksandar Vučić. The weapons were discovered at a junction where Vučić’s car would normally slow down on his way to the house.

Russians don't have to hire crime gang to get rid off any Serbian
politician in Serbia(this is brotherly nation with Russia just as Montenegro is.....Serbia as you know was burned to the ground just 18 years ago by ZIONAZI organisation known as NATO)...the real question here is how did politicians like Vučić and Đjukanović managed to become such a powerful politicians in this two countries and Montenegro even a NATO member !!????? 

I do love to learn more about who Milo Đjukanović you know Montenegro is neighbor of Albania and Albanian mafia is well known and very dangerous mafia(10 million... €120,000...fact is that KGB just doesn't deal money around to kill in Russia or Serbia, but someone else does - click HERE to learn who....KGB trains people willing to perform such tasks only if willing to sacrifice beyond money issues...totally different tactics here)...just as the case was in Kosovo or Macedonia, Albanians today already count for over 5% of the population(I believe more, but western statisticians  deliberately play down numbers till it gets all too late) in Montenegro, run almost all coastal businesses in Montenegro...many of this Albanian gangsters have extremely strong ties to London(is that close enough to Buckingham palace Boris !!???)...

Watch this Boris and don't forget one because we still remember !!!

What really happened to Montenegro and Serbia !!????

NATO is ZIOFASCIST beast that must go out of Europe !!!


  1. Baltic people are not related to Russia. Same way you can say that Finns are related to Russia. First of all, they are not even slavs, Estonians belong to Fenno-Ugrian language group and Latvians and Lithuanians are from Indo-European language. Baltic States have been ruled over 700 years by Germanic nobility up to 1918 and their culture is more similar to Central Europe, then Slavic countries. Despite the fact that they have big Russian minority there, immigrated all by the way during Soviet occupation.

  2. Yes it is truth what you are saying Sergey. However, what you are not saying is that Fins(by the way Estonians) are not welcome anywhere in Western Europe and specially not in Sweden and Norway :)))) They are considered as non white mongrel Asians by this "beautiful" NORDIC peoples who by the way only love themselves ;))) I myself was rated by Swedish losers a Swede from Malmo when tourists mistaken me for ethnic Norwegian(upsss, my sincere apologies for entering Sweden and Norway in 2010) and when my skull cracked in Swedish Karlstadt accident, I was sent walking home in the middle of the night from state hospital because I didn't have health insurance is what I was told :)))) And not even a month latter almost killed when Karlstadt police sent attackers on me who have used exclusevly metal belts to shread rear of my head to the skull bone :)))) Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are only as good to the West as much as they shield UK and Scandinavia from Russia and can also be used as an invasion point(test field for the war with Russia) on Russia. Thats UK, hey are rated as no goood...thieves and ugly :))) look into British tabloids Sergey if you disbelieve. Funny how you call Russian minority in Baltic states Soviet occupation and other occupations(I do not incite Germans because we Germans do have tremendously a lot in common with Russians and so do others in Europe - we plan on building future together and not Americano divide and conquer techniques as seen in your comment) a nobilities...but what kinds of diarrhea is an ice cream for you Sergey ;) !!???? Thought as a food ? You got it my friend

    Russians love Fines and Fines from Finland love Russians for your information....hatred toward Russia is disseminated to Fines in Finland from USA ;) Was there for 13 years and have seen the difference between American Fines and Finish natives...and during winter war about you all love to talk about in ZIO FASCIST America soooo muchhhh...nobody came to help to Finish people either :))) NOBODY !!! They drank hot tea in Norway during Winter war and it was very same in UK ;))) few thousands Swedes arrived to help and that was about it ;)))) Germans, Fines, French, Polish, Italians, and all others have simply enough of this kinds of ugly politics thanks to which we native Europeans are almost deleted from the face of earth in our own European countries !!! Its not's mother Russia !!!

    You only love our people(workers) as long as you can milk honey from hem...I should rather say till you destroy our countries via corruption(our foreign workers have jobs and pensions till you don't crush our countries and then it ends and for them and for us...they are treated well only so natives in their countries admire them and compare with own system...treated well only so you can demoralize targeted country)....other than that, ask past generations of Polish people in Chicago and other Slavs or Eastern Europeans(they can't say anything because they are not as many as Slavs) how much they are welcome in lets say USA, Canada, or Australia...yeah, it is a little bit tough these days for General motors of the bullshit(American divide and concur industry with which world was destroyed) because everybody knows what they are all about(incl. human rights) etc....

    Go to Belarus or Russia and look at them....they are mixed with Germans, Fines and more than anybody Swedes who hate them in come if everything is so wrong with Russians !!????