Thursday, September 28, 2017

By Trump assured Poroshenko who weeks ago rejected Russian peacekeeping offer for UN monitoring of eastern Ukraine, now shells Russian villages in Eastern Ukraine night and day...

With all the show in  North Korea, there is much going on in Ukraine that Western NATO press will just not report about !!!

Related to "Ukraine's Poroshenko rejects Russia's 'hybrid' peacekeeping offer" and obvioulsy Poroshenko's visit to the US !!!
Things became even wilder ever next few posts to understand what(change of language policies in Ukraine, rejection of anti corruption units etc.) is happening in Ukraine...

What was Mattis/Trump/Poroshenko meeting all about !!???

By - September 24 , 2017
Ukraine violates ceasefire 16 times in one day

Over the past day, Ukrainian security forces violated the ceasefire regime 16 times. This was reported today in the operational command of the DPR.

"Over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have violated the ceasefire regime 16 times. The districts of 10 settlements of the Republic were subjected to shelling." 
- the report says. 

The command added that during the bombardment, artillery, mortars, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms were used.

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