Friday, September 8, 2017

Surveillanced 100% of the time by company that provides telephone/internet/cable tv to the household...Saakashvili on his way to his boss John McCain or Holland

As I loudly discuss issues in this very room with myself(what philosophy and research will do to you), outlandish Hollandish (his wife of this whatever you want to call is Dutch - click here) Saakashvili issue popped up(Saakashvilli believes that I will release such news on Poroshenko before Sept. 10th that Ukrainian people will simply remove him....and I will release one, but not for the sake of Saakashvilli - I will release one for the sake of Ukrainian/Russian brotherhood....speculator Saakashvilli left Ukraine when I announced coming news on Poroshenko and went on "trip" across the Europe and is not willing to enter Ukraine till 10th of this month - till after tomorrow) and internet as well as cable TV(phone) got IMMEDIATELY disconnected(at about 1130 this morning local time Ljubljana)'s name is T2(same garbage company that surveillanced me in the past)

Precious CIA asset Saakashvili was involved in my abductions(bestial MKULTRA torture) together with corrupt criminal politician Janez Jansa(KGB/CIA had all sides involved in game against me because they each speculated own outcome of the game to either excuse or apologize their failures in the past - its what I call total criminality...they both with their European Union "alternative right" clubs have foremost anticipated in my falling for Israel via abuse/torture that led all the way to Belarus in 2017 - to mentally break me down - worn me down for the sake of ZIOFASCISM, so we would have young Hitleryahus marching across the world....their plan as you know failed totally !!! European Union politicians were all involved in it as well and this includes main European Union human rights commissars who believed that I will side with CIA at all costs...this European Union commissars for "human rights" and whose names I also have and will release them, were more vicious than anybody else - no wonder my human rights claims at this courts and cry for help across the Europe when seeking asylum were declined for no less than 11 years)I am posting this now via 3g broadband modem.

Sad to note just how low are elites willing to go with their hatred against Russians and even their own people no !!???? Looks to me that NAZIS invented post WWII human rights(their human rights courts etc. are just waw) to take Russia down via also what is known as NATO !!! ZIOFASCISM a new hatred ideology - same shit as NAZISM just different wrapping(coverup) ;)

They buried one system after another(Yugoslavia and Slovenia) and whoever gets involved with them is in soon in deep waters as well(YOU better read this warning and take one seriously - get real or get lost from political stage as know exactly whom I am talking to)...

Bye the way...this is criminal Janez Jansa who was a member and one of the leaders(youth wing) of the League of Communists in Yugoslavia. Janez Jansa became president of the Committee for Basic People's Defense and Social Self-Protection of the Alliance of Socialist Youth of Slovenia (ZSMS). This corrupt criminal have even written on his resume that over 250 job applications was declined to him in the following year due his criticism of Yugoslav army in 1984 - waw this sounds almost like my case except that
CIA and EU counted on my taking his side/see sympathy in this trash after declining me over 30.000 job applications on two continents. He sold military secrets to foreign governments, sold/brokered with weapons that directly assisted in killings during
Yugoslav civil war, have stolen God knows only how much money via preferential contracts option provisions that involved also affair known as Patria(it was many more than "Patria"). Its when everything stopped because I returned back then from US in 2006 and have mercilessly exposed American corruption in Slovenia. This individual killed Yugoslavia and Slovenia and if not stopped, he will kill next state as well because this is what this types of people are really best at. Numerous people dead, unemployed, and myself pushed to the brink of existence for no less than 22 years !!! Janez Jansa also heavily anticipated my going against Milan Kučan(US Government wanted him badly - he was even summoned in 2003 via so called "human rights" to ZIOFASCIST United Nations's trial in outlandish Holandish Hague where if indicted, he would face slow death in jail - ZIOFASCIST US Government have questioned and questioned me at all costs about him...they defamed him to me via MKULTRA heavily, but I declined to cooperate against him...they have gone as far as setting Milan Kučan up in this very case against me via ZIONAZI Borut Pahor, but Milan Kučan truly have nothing to do with anything...he hated Milosevic and wanted peaceful resolution of Yugoslavia since name "Yugoslavia" alone became instrument of killing in Kosovo, but couldn't do anything about it next to so many lunatics...Milan Kučan is rather a hero and not criminal...Milan Kučan  is a real communist with heart and soul unlike others seen here) and get him even on what would be one day another ZIONAZI Hague trial(trial based on total lies against totally innocent man - and they still speculate one against him - click HERE - ). Will never ever happen Jansa !!! Milan Kučan's father even died during World War II. and Kučan's family spent World War II in occupied Serbia, where over 58,000 other Slovenes were resettled from Slovenia by the Nazis.

ON PHOTO ABOVE - Both of this covered in criminality...both ex communists and both Slovenian independence fighters - on left is IGOR BAVČAR AND ON THE RIGHT IS JANEZ JANSA(both accused of heavy duty corruption and saved by European Union  human rights)IGOR BAVČAR have stolen only 21 millions of Dollars(he have stolen more, but it is okay to some just as is okay to those "some" what tok place against me) in a country with two million people...not much at all...and not bad for a ex "communist" who came out of his shell as nothing more than a corrupt criminal shill

Being NATO member or so called "human rights"(United Nations is a ZIOFASCIST operation) supporter means to be a ZIOFASCIST(you even got Israel recruited in your fascist- nazi movement and are marching ahead in its name - congratulations scum) !!! 

European Union is nothing else than ZIOFASCIST organisation which is using all this instruments to take down Russia(once Russia is destroyed, mass slaughter of Eastern Europeans will follow because we aren't worthy a dime in this world...3/4 of Western European Union population will be afterwards slaughtered as well because they aren't "perfect" either). IT IS A GENOCIDE AGAINST WHITES THAT IS TAKING PLACE AND IT IS FOR THE SAKE OF WHAT YOU READ HERE. YOUR(our) OWN GOVERNMENTS ARE EVEN WILLING TO SELL YOU(just as seen here) TO WHOMEVER WHATEVER(they will have you marry blacks to prove that Russians are bad) THEY NEED TO FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR EXTERMINATION AGENDA !!! 



BACK TO BEAUTIFUL HOLLANDIA(Netherlands) DEAR SAAKASHVILI WHERE ALL THE HUMAN RIGHTS ARE BASED AND ARE AWAITING YOU(decorate Holland with your presence and your brother Poroshenko will soon join you there as well) ;) GOOD NEWS IS THAT POROSHENKO MAY EVEN PAY YOU FOR THE "TENT"(in case you don't have stolen $$$ left, just come again here to Novo mesto and I will borrow you some you uglier than ugly filth). HUMAN RIGHTS WERE BUILT TO DEFEND SCUM LIKE SAAKASHVILI AND NOT PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF...I EXIST HERE TO CRY FOR HELP, SO SAAKASHVILLIS AND JANEZ JANSAS CAN USE THEM INSTEAD !!! BIZARRE !!??? IT IS A FACT UNDENIABLE(Jansa have even used this option when accused of corruption and have avoided prison thanks to one...its when European Union politicians hurried to his side = such is the world of today !!!) !!!

As far as myself, back to video on Poroshenko(American Central Intelligence agency that is)...have lost enough time here, but must admit they know how to come with right news at the right time and their timing is perfect(imagine - September the 10th - waw)...

Saakashvili ‘to live in tent on border’ if banned from entering Ukraine
By Oleg Sukhov.  Published Sept. 4. Updated Sept. 4 at 6:18 pm

Ex-Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili plans to live on the Ukrainian-Polish border in a tent if Ukraine’s authorities do not let him enter the country on Sept. 10, Yuriy Derevyanko, one of the leaders of Saakashvili’s Movement of New Forces, told the Kyiv Post on Sept. 4.

Moreover, Saakashvili will be technically unable to return to Poland if the Ukrainian authorities confiscate his passport at the checkpoint, as they have promised to do, Derevyanko added.

Saakashvili said earlier that he was planning to return to Ukraine through the Krakovets checkpoint in Lviv Oblast on the Polish-Ukrainian border on Sept. 10. Ukrainian authorities say they will not let him enter.

Saakashvili was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship by President Petro Poroshenko in July and became stateless in what the ex-Georgian president has said is a political vendetta.

Poroshenko, a former friend and ally of Saakashvili turned political foe, argued that Saakashvili had submitted incorrect information when applying for citizenship in 2015. Saakashvili says that no proof of this has been provided, and that the cancellation of his citizenship violates both Ukrainian and international law.

Saakashvili’s supporters are planning to set up a protest tent camp at the Krakovets checkpoint on Sept. 9 in the run-up to his arrival.

Olga Halabala, a leader of the Movement of New Forces, said at a news briefing on Sept. 4 that the rally would be peaceful and that the movement would do its best to prevent violence.

She dismissed statements by Poroshenko supporters that Saakashvili was planning to break through the border, arguing that such claims were aimed at discrediting him.

Halabala also said that the Movement of New Forces was expecting provocations from the authorities during Saakashvili’s arrival.

Ivan Slobodyannyk, an activist of the Movement of New Forces, said at the briefing that the authorities were stepping up a crackdown on the party ahead of Saakashvili’s arrival. He said the government was trying to prosecute him, and activists of the party had been beaten in Kharkiv and Odesa.

Ukrainian police on Sept. 2 also arrested Saakashvili’s brother David and are seeking to deport him.

«They’re building such a fortress on the border not only to prevent us from crossing the border but also to turn us into a North Korea,” Slobodyannyk said, referring to efforts to fortify the border with Poland. “The government’s paranoia has reached an apogee.”

Null and void

Markiyan Halabala, a lawyer for Saakashvili, said at the briefing that the presidential decree on stripping Saakashvili of citizenship is “null and void and is not subject to implementation” due to numerous violations of the law and procedure.

“Saakashvili remains a citizen of Ukraine,” Halabala said. “He does not recognize that he has any status other than that of a citizen of Ukraine.”

Under international law and Ukraine’s Administrative Law Code, Saakashvili has a right to dispute his loss of citizenship in court and take part in court hearings over the issue in Ukraine, Halabala said.

“Nobody can be deprived of the right to come back to his own country,” he argued.

Even if Saakashvili is considered a stateless person, he is a permanent resident of Ukraine under the law, and has the right to enter the country without a visa, said Nazar Kulshytsky, another lawyer for Saakashvili. According to Ukrainian law, a person who had permanently lived in Ukraine before the loss of his or her citizenship is considered a permanent resident.

Halabala also said that the authorities might try to illegally ban Saakashvili from entering Ukraine before Sept. 10, based on some alleged violations or security threats.

As of now, there is no such ban, according to a response from the Security Service of Ukraine, he added.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities have no right to extradite Saakashvili because Ukrainian law bans the extradition of stateless permanent residents of Ukraine, Saakashvili’s lawyers said.

Secret decree

Kulchytsky said that Ukrainian authorities had refused to give Poroshenko’s decree and other relevant documents on his loss of citizenship to Saakashvili.

The State Migration Service claimed that the documents were at the Citizenship Commission, while the commission said that the information was secret and for official use only, Kulchytsky added.

“No concrete legal grounds have been stated,” he said.

Kulchytsky said that Saakashvili would seek to get the documents through a court.

Poroshenko has refused to publish the decree, claiming it was confidential information. However, Yulia Kyrychenko, a constitutional law expert at the Reanimation Package of Reforms, and Vsevolod Rechytsky from the Kharkiv Human Rights Group say that the refusal to publish a presidential decree is illegal.

Poroshenko Bloc lawmaker Volodymyr Aryev has claimed that Saakashvili was stripped of citizenship because he said in his citizenship application that he was not under investigation while facing criminal cases in Georgia. However, Aryev’s claim has never been officially confirmed.

Lawyer Vitaly Tytych told the Kyiv Post that Aryev’s justification would not be legal grounds for stripping Saakashvili of citizenship and described Poroshenko’s decree to cancel it as illegal and unconstitutional.

Submission of incorrect information or lying in the application form can only lead to the loss of citizenship if such information would not allow Saakashvili to become a citizen, Tytych argued. However, being under investigation does not affect the acquisition of citizenship and therefore cannot lead to its loss, he said.

Tytych said that only a conviction for a severe crime could be grounds for stripping someone of Ukrainian citizenship. Saakashvili has not been convicted in any criminal cases.

Other legal problems

Moreover, information on Georgian investigations cannot be grounds for stripping Saakashvili of citizenship because it was known to Ukrainian authorities in 2015, and they viewed them as politically motivated cases, Kateryna Dronova, an editor of the VoxUkraine think-tank’s legal unit, said in an article on Aug. 30.

Saakashvili can argue that due process was violated because the commission’s composition was changed not long before it stripped Saakashvili of citizenship, and because the relevant documents have not been published and have not been given to Saakashvili’s representatives, Dronova said.

Another possible violation of due process is that he was stripped of citizenship when he was abroad and deprived of the opportunity to dispute the decision in court, she said.

Saakashvili could also claim that the cancellation of his citizenship is illegal because it was politically motivated, Dronova said.

According to the 1961 Statelessness Convention and Avoiding Statelessness resulting from Loss and Deprivation of Nationality, a person cannot be stripped of citizenship for political reasons. Discrimination for political reasons is also banned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Another possible argument is that international law and Ukraine’s Constitution ban the arbitrary cancellation of citizenship, according to Dronova.

Lawyers have also described the Saakashvili case as selective justice since Poroshenko did not cancel the citizenship of State Fiscal Service Chief Roman Nasirov, a suspect in a corruption case who is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and tycoon Igor Kolomoisky, who has admitted having triple citizenship. Under Ukrainian law, double or triple citizenship is banned.

Ukrainian authorities have also given Ukrainian citizenship and a residence permit, respectively, to Russian pro-Kremlin ex-lawmakers Denys Voronenkov and his wife Maria Maksakova, who voted for Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, according to the Russian parliament’s site. Voronenkov was killed in March.

Members of the Citizenship Commission who voted for canceling Saakashvili’s citizenship are also controversial. One of them, the Interior Ministry’s State Secretary Oleksiy Takhtai, negotiated a corrupt deal in a video with a person who has already been convicted for the deal. The video footage has been recorded by the Security Service of Ukraine and has been recognized by courts as genuine.

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