Wednesday, September 6, 2017


In this video(original audio recordings from police station in Lvov in 2017) , I will prove you Poroshenko's involvement in my abductions(MKULTRA + TERROR THREATS  implemented against me at one stop career center in Miami Downtown) as well as acts of terrorism against white American/European citizen(actually citizen of EU state Slovenia which should have been even brotherly Slavic state) in which this chocolate prince have involved himself via John McCain. Poroshenko was on political stage already long time(precious CIA asset used for destabilisation of Ukraine as well as Eastern Europe) before he officially became president in Ukraine...should be interesting and in English(I wills show you now what ZIOFASCISM really is and what one does)

This is my response on news at yahoo (Ukraine Accuses Russia of the Unthinkable: Terror Attacks Against Its Own People) where Poroshenko and his Kabbala team obviously believe will advance public in misleading direction. Man is a liar...a criminal and more than anything a terrorist !!! A threat to any civilized society in this world !!!

The truth about Russia is such that one is beautiful foremost because of its people(just as the case is with any other European country) and we must strive toward preserving one another at all costs. The truth is that Ukrainian people are very much related to Russians.
Beautiful Ukrainian people are in fact more Russians than anything(this is just a division of Russians based in this very geographical area) else. They have mixed themselves with Lithuanians and Poles(lots of Polish DNA in there as well) , however, they also got some DNA from Turks(right across the pont). It is strange that those search for special identity if we consider fact that Ukrainian language itself is very similar to Russian just as the case is with Belorussians(neighboring White Russia - Belarus people). Poles(in my eyes Russians mixed with Germans is what they are), Ukrainians, Russians(indo europeans mixed highly with Swedes) have so much in common that is actually shocking when comparing those...they are all lovely people and all share same qualities(hard working good looking Slavs). Their lands look similar...big and flat with crystal clean lakes and covered with golden fields and forests(their faces totally top with landscape and once you stay there for awhile it becomes addictive(it is so different and its where real Slavic culture becomes real - nothing like that on Balkans folks)...Belarus is where all this beautiful cultures(incl. Baltic nations) interact(mix) with one another and at no wonder I have fallen in love with one(all of them)...

Not USA or Northern America, but instead this part of the world is where future is for all white European nations...this people are proud and love their cultures and it is why they are hated by ZIOFASCIST elites(they don't give in to multiracism as JUDEOAMERICAN ruled Western Europe did)...beautiful you are my brothers and sisters !!!

My job is to bring you all together back because power is in unity and not Poroshenko alike politics(EU dictatorship = jail and death of the nations).

When I first arrived to Ukraine to seek political asylum, I was overjoyed....when I left one week latter, however, I was thrilled to be alive !!! Poroshenko kills big time in Ukraine !!! Poroshenko is a killer !!!

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