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Germany welcomes Russia’s call for UN Ukraine peacekeepers...

Russia doesn't want conflict with absolutely anybody. It is delusional chocolate prince Poroshenko(magnat Roshen) that is into killing people and terrorism. He doesn't give a dime on who gets killed and whose house blown up. Supplying such maniac with American weapons(Putin again bags/warns about extremely aggressive American Obamination politics that continues to go on throughout Europe while Poroshenko is escalating conflict and pointing in Russia) may soon even prevent increasingly aware Ukrainian people(already are seeking Poroshenko's  resignation - read here) from removing one from power.

Putin warns U.S. not to supply Ukraine with "defensive"(even so called "defensive" weapons are offensive in hands of lunatic such as Poroshenko...using offensive weapons for attacks and defensive to afterwards defend offensive is a serious breach of international security and US is knowingly violating/supporting one...Poroshenko violated peace accords million times before and with US support will obviously repeat/intensify past conflicts) weapons.
Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers the speech ahead of the signing ceremony of BRICS Business Council at 2017 BRICS Summit in Xiamen, Fujian province in China, September 4, 2017. REUTERS/Kenzaburo Fukuhara/Pool

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | AP September 5 at 11:58 AM

Germany welcomes Russia’s call for UN Ukraine peacekeepers

MOSCOW — Russia will ask the U.N. Security Council to send peacekeepers to patrol the front line in eastern Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, a development greeted by Germany as a new opportunity for detente.

Fighting between Ukrainian troops and Russia-backed separatists in the region has killed more than 10,000 people since 2014. A 2015 peace deal brokered by Germany and France helped reduce the scale of fighting, but regular clashes have continued.

The separatists have opposed Ukraine’s suggestion to deploy peacekeepers in the war zone.

Putin told reporters Tuesday that peacekeepers could help ensure safety for international observers who are monitoring the cease-fire.

But he insisted that the peacekeepers should be deployed only along the line separating the rebel-controlled territories and the area under government control where the clashes occur. Russia’s foreign ministry will file a formal request with the U.N. Security Council, Putin said.

Ukraine’s envoy to the United Nations, Volodymyr Yelchenko, said in comments carried by Russia news agencies on Tuesday that Kiev is ready to work on the draft resolution. The Ukrainian president’s envoy to peace settlement in the east, Iryna Gerashchenko, however, said earlier on Tuesday that Ukraine would agree to a deployment of the peacekeepers only in the separatist-held territories, not on the contact line.

So-called “Normandy Format” peace talks between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France have largely stalled of late, with a truce timed to the start of the new school year breaking down almost immediately after it was agreed upon at the end of August.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said he found Putin’s announcement “surprising” but said he was “very glad... the Russian president said today he will continue to negotiate about demands that were rejected in the past by Russia.”

“More importantly, this offer of a U.N. mission in eastern Ukraine shows that Russia has effected a change in its policies that we should not gamble away,” he told reporters on the sideline of parliament in Berlin.

“It would be good if we take it as an opening to talk about new ways of detente.”



Entire Ukraine waiting for Poroshenko to step down

The Ukrainians do not want to tolerate the incumbent authorities anymore and that is why more and more local and regional deputies come up with initiatives to adopt a long overdue law on the procedure of impeachment, Vladimir Oleinik, a former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada national parliament told on Monday. reports citing TASS that, Oleinik, who is a member of the Committee for Salvation of Ukraine, said it in a comment on a petition by the city hall in Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region, to the Verkhovna Rada asking it to codify the procedure of dismissal of the head of state from office.

"The demand for impeachment is a demand on the part of the entire nation," Oleinik said. "That’s a verdict issued by the whole of Ukrainian society because people are unable to tolerate this kind of power anymore."

He cited the returns from a most recent opinion poll taken by the Sophia opinion research center that showed President Pyotr Poroshenko’s popularity ranking at around 2.0%, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman’s ranking at 1.7% at the very best, and parliament speaker Andrey Parubiy’s ranking at 1.2%

"Given this level of support from the population, it’s only too logical there’s a need to change state power, not the people," Oleinik said.

He recalled that the deputies in Belaya Tserkov were not the first ones who had made a decision to petition to the Rada.

"The initiatives of adopt a law on the procedure of impeachment were made previously by the Kiev regional council, the Cherkassy regional council and the Cherkassy city hall," Oleinik said.

"The authorities fear these moods and take repressive measures against who disagree with them," he said. "That’s why the Kiev regional deputies started getting a flow of threats of physical reprisals after their appeal to the Rada and pressure on their family members and relatives began."

Oleinik predicted a very turbulent political autumn in Ukraine.

"Prices in Ukraine keep growing and not only because we had a poor harvest this year," he said. "That’s why Poroshenko is afraid of people’s rancor."

"Yet there’s the need for a law spelling out a civilized procedure to eliminate the puzzling incident where the Ukrainian people got too shortsighted and believed lies," Oleinik said. "Just recall Poroshenko didn’t fulfill any of his election promises. The war in Donbass is dragging on. Improvements have occurred only in Poroshenko’s own life and the economy is down and out."

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov, who is also a member of the Committee for Salvation of Ukraine, expressed an opinion much along the same lines.

"About ten regional councils have already submitted their demands to the Vekhovna Rada to codify the very procedure of dismissing the head of state from the post," Azarov said.

"This proves people are already boiling," he indicated. "Latest opinion polls show only 1.5% of those polled are satisfied with the way he performs his duties.

Azarov recalled in one of the previous interviews the requirement to adopt a law on impeachment was entered in the Constitution of Ukraine endorsed back in 1996. Now it has become particularly pressing, as Poroshenko is losing trust with the people across the whole country, even in its western regions.

The city hall in Belaya Tserkov issued an appeal to the Vekhovna Rada last week to codify the impeachment procedure. As many as 23 deputies voted for the decision to impeach the President.

One of the elements of the codification is a law on provisional investigation commissions, a special investigation commission and a provisional investigation commission in the Verkhovna Rada. The same legislative initiative requires changes in the Rada’s code of rules.

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