Thursday, September 21, 2017

Melania Trump's "robot" speech at United Nations titled as "Make America More "Perfect" - and why not, if crazies agree....

And so what really repeated at UN last night !!??? This here....
Nothing wrong with you Melania(I totally forgive you everything) - its loon you are with that doesn't recognize right from wrong(he knows what is illegal, but does it anyways because he got away with it million times)....trying to be "perfect"(idiot intimidated and intimidates with his insane issues Melania just as he have done before to beautiful Ivana - he is a family terrorist/bully who knows no limits because nobody ever placed him on the right spot as Robert De Niro nicely explained - and its too late for this now America because man is 71 - what he needs is his day on court and jail) makes you look weak and when woman looks weak, look no further from her husband(in my opinion - macho men stink and are the most obnoxious/disgusting dinosaur creatures world have ever had) !!!

To make woman smile 24/7 is a lifestyle(much more than just a job although men should consider "job" mentality as the beginning stage/approach toward long lasting and happy relationship - foremost productive for both and consequently others) that requires understanding in males about their role and roles of women in this world. I don't know what/how yours is, but my mentality is that we males are healthy(not in unlawful) competition to one another and here to serve them(women). Macho mentality is a trash mentality and so is any kinds of radicalism(incl. Christian lunacy that even dares to publicly challenge/brainwash American society per whether women have the right to abortions etc. - in another words whether women have the right to do with their own bodies as pleased which is a Mac daddy of lunacy type of mentality - RATHER WORRY ABOUT THE RIGHT TO EMPLOYMENT AMERICA AND NOT BREAST FEEDING AND ABORTION ISSUES WHICH ARE USED TO DEPRIVE YOU OF YOUR SANITY - NAZISM/FASCISM HIDING BEHIND ZIONISM AND "HUMAN RIGHTS COURTS" WITH INFESTATION OF HATRED IS WHAT IS HAPPENING ACROSS AMERICA BIG TIME !!! DISGRACE OF THE WORLD IS WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME AMERICA - DUMPSTER OF HUMANITY !!!) with which American society is plagued.

Not that I agree with Robert de Niro's political views(Obama's low life 
disgusting/antipatic/repulsive family used to create/boom hatred worldwide), but do share his opinion on ZIOFASCIST(evil disseminator) Donald J. Kushner Trump(same old same John McCain wearing only different clothing)...

 There was There was more life and truth in his than your speech Melania....and while I wouldn't consider nazi hater prince Harry's(opportunistic hyena from Buckingham palace who went from fully blown joyous and sexually overly mature for his age 20 NAZI into "depression" mode due to lost mommy almost across the
night to gain sympathy of mentally weak British and American population and US citizenship via half black woman = with idea to grab morally broken/sabotaged American sovereignty) "Human Rights" talk invitation(they already are trying to catch you Melania with your "human rights" issues which your husband made you talk about because they can smell your weakness in truth of your speech that came out of you from someone who drove everyone prior to you insane), I do consider Marla Maples' lifestyle( on your place as fast as possible and leave Mr. "Perfect"(lunatic who thinks about himself as "perfectionist") with his money to younger woman where he will be again capable to start(explain) his ego success story(to her and public) from "flawless charming beginning"....

Life is too short will be the happiest woman on the world(have seen my own sister and she happens to be such today - late yeah, but never too late) if you do it !!!

Because what makes woman perfect are her mistakes(imperfections) !!! Love it(deal with it) or leave it(losers) !!! <==should be a motto of every normal woman...

Everything else is a bull !!! My song dedicated to American perfection and perfectionists(lunatics):

 Obama is THE MAN !!! Obama have a prick, d**** , and on top of that tit !!!

 OBEY REPENT(kiss the boots) OBEY REPENT(pray for Obama or Trump and they both have birth certificate tax return issues which are used to cover up truth as seen here) OBEY !!! OR YOU WILL PAY !!!

Body language expert reveals THIS about 'terrified' Melania Trump’s anti-bullying speech

MELANIA TRUMP gave one of her biggest speeches yesterday condemning bullying and calling on world leaders to take responsibility for guiding the next generation. But how good a public speaker is the First Lady and what did her body language reveal?

Melania Trump 47, hosted a luncheon for the spouses of world leaders at the US Mission to the United Nations on Wednesday condemning bullying. 

Bullying and cyberbullying are two topics the First Lady has regularly condemned and appear close to her heart. 

But how did Melania fare during her speech and how does she compare with husband US President Donald Trump when it comes to public speaking?

Author and body language expert Judi James has decoded Melania’s performance, and the first thing she noticed is how “terrified” she looked. 
Melania Trump: What did her body language reveal during her UN bullying speech ? If you’re delivering a speech about bullying it helps if you don’t look terrified.

Speaking to Judi said: “If you’re delivering a speech about bullying it helps if you don’t look terrified.” 

While Donald has turned his presenting ‘mistakes’ into a signature look of bravado Melania’s static delivery suggested she was far too worried about giving a ’perfect’ performance, according to Judi. 

She said: “Her hands remained hidden behind the lectern throughout her speech and her head rotated but without offering the kind of emphatic endorsement of emotional displays like smiling or even anger that her powerful words lacked. 

“This was an important message and her script was on-point but it needed to be delivered from the heart, not from the notes alone.”

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