Wednesday, September 6, 2017

LIVE: Protesters and police scuffle in Seongju over THAAD deployment in South Korea

When Russia and China storm US and UK(we will all die for sure folks) with over 10.000 nuclear bombs(they have more - perhaps even twice as many in case you think this isn't enough - please add to that all types of chemical/biological weaponry that is even more fatal than nukes), we will for sure see as Trump said "fire and fury" like world have never seen before...have you folks(by the way) finally already realized by any chance that we are dealing with lunatics or do you plan on realizing this after biggest possible disaster strikes us !!???
American military is a real enemy to this world and the biggest enemy they are to themselves(self enslaved zombies who will(if) return home one day and end on streets homeless after realizing what truth is). Sure is disaster...

Why are European politicians not condemning this type of politics !!????

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