Sunday, September 17, 2017

In America, you go for a ride to a local store and end up in Ukraine on brain wiping

German federal government with CIA(John McCain) brought me to Ukraine on several occasions without other(Eastern european) governments' knowledge. On one occasion(2006), German government brought me to Kiev for brain flushing(electroshocks and injections) on request of paranoid Poroshenko who wanted to personally witness my brain flushing performed on me at that opportunity(my last stay in Ukraine) by nazi Bundesnachrichtendienst - BND.
Terrible mistake to give Germans back Eastern part of Germany. Eastern part of Germany should be given back under control to Russia and her Eastern European allies such as Poland, Czech rep., Slovakia, and Serbia. Germany today is nothing more than a terrorist nazi state that never ever changed even for a millimeter. Fascism rules the top German government(what Martin Schulz and Merkel both are). Not Great Britain, but nazi Germany was the one that should be banned from European Union. Great Britain should stay in European Union and Germany should be the one sanctioned and controlled by other nations(US, UK, France, Poland, Czech, and Russia should have control over fascism in this country) state. Extra taxes(THIS IS A MUST) should be imposed on European Union state Germany to ensure that history won't repeat. This and only this can guarantee us survival in Europe and world.

Americans should fight all forms of fascism in US and foremost what is ZIONISM as one is used as engine to power nazism(even more dangerous and the two are hand in hand with one another). Bush, Clintons, Trump are all Zionazis....

I will introduce petition for United Nations to re introduce ZIONISM as a form of racism(fascism) in UN and Germany to be sanctioned as described here. I don't mind Germany to keep its independence(don't want any economic barriers or walls), however, it is extremely important that Eastern European countries keep control(military and intelligence) over Eastern part of Germany...

WE CAN'T ALLOW GERMAN "HUMAN RIGHTS" TO UNDERMINE HUMANITY EITHER(just imagine, they bring and invite them after destabilizing their countries via NATO and then even threaten us with sanctions if not accepting hatred as the way of life in our own countries - NAZI FASCIST GERMAN SCUM MACHINE MELTS ON OUR LIVES IN 2017) !!! EUROPE AND WORLD SUFFERED WWIII(WWIII no longer is possible as we already went through one - WWIV is next) THANKS TO THIS "RIGHTS" AS HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF !!! YOU DID IT AGAIN GERMANY, BUT I WILL MAKE SURE THAT THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST TRICK IN THE GERMAN BOOK OF CRIMINALITY AGAINST WORLD !!!

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