Saturday, August 27, 2016

THE Exterminator of The White People in South Africa Who is Known as a Bubble Man(De Klerk) is Now Publicly PREDICTING That Whites Will Be Forced to Leave...

GREATEST COWARD IN THE WORLD EVER - ALSO KNOWN AS De Klerk(forget what you were brainwashed about Swedish Quisling who have had fought for the sake of his Swedish people and white race) who have first caused to South African whites exactly what you see right here is now suggesting with his idiotic(totally incoherent - contradicting/idiotic - designed to kill hope in our white people) statements that are pointing out 1/4 of the truth(he have never mention white concentration camps where over one million of whites subsists in SA today and nor did he mentioned over 90.000 whites that were slaughtered by black terrorists or the regime if you like) about what is going on down there while at the same time I cite bubble man, "“For the first time South Africans voted in significant numbers according to their political convictions and not according to their race.”(if I translate this to you, De Klerk is defending and 2016 elections in SA which were heavily manipulated by terrorist organization ANC and is further suggesting that SA society is normal...quite contradictory and more than anything idiotic !!! Didn't he just previously stated that whites will be running out !!?).


BEFORE YOU ARGUE STATED ABOVE, READ THIS - ON SOUTH AFRICA & WORLD: Today, you will run to America for life and tomorrow, you will face the same problem in America(or Europe) that you are facing it today in South Africa !!! Where will you all run after-tomorrow !!? We are all in it together as you see !!!


FW de Klerk says whites will be forced to leave

Many white South Africans will be forced to leave the country under the current government's policies, former president FW de Klerk said.

“We have to face the unpalatable fact that our present government has adopted policies that are consciously directed toward harming the core interests of a section of the South African population according to their race,” De Klerk told attendees during the launch of the Centre for Unity in Diversity.

De Klerk criticised the government’s BBBEE and affirmative action policies, saying that they were incrementally limiting the economic and cultural space within which minorities can operate.

“The ultimate goal is a society in which land, jobs, power and wealth will be allocated according to racial compositions of the population. The lives of citizens will once again be determined by race not merit.”

De Klerk said this was bad news for minorities who comprise of 26% of the population.

“Their share of the wealth, job and land will decline commensurately over the next 30 years. As the BBBEE noose tightens, it may become increasingly difficult for white South Africans to find employment… Inevitably, many will be forced to leave South Africa.”

Election results reassuring

He said there was a toxic argument, propagated by the current government, seeping into national discourse that whites have not atoned for their sins and all land was stolen from black people.

“That all of these propositions are either false of gross generalisations is neither here nor there. The problem is that they are being actively propagated by our present government and they are fervently believed particularly by government itself and the radicalised youth.”

There were reassurances however, he said.

He told attendees it was reassuring that whatever governments ideological ideals might be, it could not implement them without, “causing damage to the country and the interests of its own supporters”.

De Klerk said he was also reassured by the results of the local government elections which signalled an important move away from race-based politics.

“For the first time South Africans voted in significant numbers according to their political convictions and not according to their race.”




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