Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EMERGENCY ALERT: BLACK TERROR ATTACK ON OUR WHITE "FREEDOM FRONT PLUS(Vryheidsfront Plus)" POLITICAL PARTY !!! FF+ councilor told that his ‘wife and child would disappear’ if he votes against the black terrorist organization known as ANC in Jozi

Black terrorist organization known as ANC(African National Congress), have had engaged against one of the FF Plus members with extreme acts of aggression when life threatening him and his family via sms(that his wife and child would disappear if he would only dare to vote against ANC)....

ANC keeps leaving behind a bloody trail all over the South Africa and that includes political killing of prominent politicians(their own and those of other political parties)....terrorist organization ANC(the notorious Nelson Mandela's organization), have had engaged in killing together with EFF of no less that 90.000 whites during just past 23 years !!! EFF and ANC have openly called time and again for slaughtering of South African whites(the white minority) !!! On this latest elections, FF Plus have managed to double their votes what have had as a result black terrorist organizations going amok throughout South Africa !!! 

IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KEEP IN  MIND(wherever in the world you are located at) THAT OUR WHITE PEOPLE NEED YOUR HELP...ALL POSSIBLE HELP AND THAT INCLUDES INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL SUPPORT WHICH YOU CAN APPLY VIA DIPLOMATIC CHANNELS FOR THE SAKE OF FF PLUS'S EXISTENCE !!! DO NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER !!! Our white South African people have NO choices left; it is you who still have them and it is you who have to make that right choice for them as well !!! Here is the website from FF Plus if you would like to contact them: http://www.vfplus.org.za


FF+ councillor told his ‘wife and child would disappear’ if he votes against ANC in Jozi(Johannesburg).

Freedom Front councillor Franco de Lange reportedly received an sms early this morning, warning him not to vote against the ANC in today's inaugural council meeting.

The Freedom Front Plus earlier released a statement claiming that one of their members and Johannesburg councillor, Franco de Lange, received a threatening sms early this morning; warning him not to vote with the rest of the opposition parties against the ANC or his wife and child would disappear.


ON SOUTH AFRICA & WORLD: Today, you will run to America for life and tomorrow, you will face the same problem in America(or Europe) that you are facing it today in South Africa !!! Where will you all run after-tomorrow !!? We are all in it together as you see !!!



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